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  3. Support for everything but for mems, f6 bank is the best thing ever!
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  6. REWARDS/PRIZES: 1st place gets- The best op donation rank TetsuX($350 rank!) 2nd place gets- Divine donor rank(rank below tetsux) an 10 Scratch cards 3rd place gets- 15 Scratch cards. EXTRAS: There is a lot of that is to many kills.. but in all reality your not being rushed to do this, there is no time limit on this event, first one that gets there wins no matter what. So no it really is not. All you have to do is if you don't know what to do, GO ADD KILLS TO BOOST YOUR KILL COUNT! Its pretty simple. An i know people with over 11,000 TetsuX monster kills so... get your 25k done. This event is for a $350 rank that will not only change your current gaming but, will also take your updated gaming to an whole new level then right now! So yes, i'm sorry that you have to actually put effort into something.. This is an event, THAT IS ITS PURPOSE! This kind of event for such an item is not an everyday thing.. This is a very rare event with huge win factor! So please.. just do some killing an actually earn something that will benefit you in more ways then one. Thank you an good luck to everyone participating!! Now get out there an kill, kill, KILLL!!! :D P.S.!! Also current kill counts are not valid. Only the kill counts kept in party pete's leader boards will be counted so screen shots of anything other then party pete's leader boards will not count! An everyone can see your legit kill counts from party pete's leader boards he is located in the home bank! good luck everyone! :)
  7. PVM Massive event for TetsuX! Dear players of manic! Come join us for this glorious show on the battlefield! One player to succeed above all others who dare stand in their way of this great victory! Come be the PVM Champion an claim the prize rightfully deserved for your hard efforts! OBJECTIVE: Hero of manic, you are tasked with killing 25,000 Kalphite Queens! A task to the true champion of PVM maddness!! Bring your A game to the battlefield an get your kill counts up!! May the reigning champ rightfully claim his prize! An title of PVM ultimate champion! This shall change your whole gaming experience as for the winner to take the grand prize!! Now get out there an fight for your spot among the PVM Leader Boards! FAQs Q. 25,000 seems like so much though...? A. Yes it would appear that way, but there is no time limit to get this done, just be the first to get 25k. however long it may take. Also the reward is a $350 donation, game changing rank so.. yeah, earn that!! Q. No time limit? A. No time limit just be first to 25k kills, but also don't fall behind! Q. Are there more kalphites? A. No just the teleport as well as instance Q.
  8. I'd like to get some closure aswell, maybe like once a week?
  9. So I'm back after a year or so of inactivity, I have tried downloading the client and it fails to load. All it says is requesting title screen. If this server is still alive does any staff member fancy pm'ing me to try and get back on? Many thanks, Snags.
  10. Egx

    *No news*

    Hello, Can we get some closure as players? Is the server dying? Why there are no updates? Is that the end of Manic? Its been more than 3 months, what the hell you are up to? Or nothing at all?
  11. To everyone especially staff members!! The only requirements needed are a VPN , some patience and a love for the server!First Method: Tell your friends! talk about Manic to those that you know may have an interest in runescape, or specifically target people that used to play OsRs yet do not have the time required to grind 40 hours a week to become a billionaire! Second method:Step one- Create 10 new email addresses , i personally use GMX as it is very easy to start a new email account, no mobile numbers required ectstep two- use those email addresses to create 10 new OsRs or even Rs3 accounts. be sure to change your ip adress using your vpn each time to avoid an IP ban in the long term}(Use on manic servers will be banned everytime!)step three- pick your time right! JAGEX operate normal buissiness hours (GMT) although they do have american staff you are more likely to not get a ban 9am-7pm GMT monday to friday than "after hours" or at the weekend (when the servers are at their fullest!)step four- Download GarysHood RS client (an auto typer and clicker, for those unaware) select the auto typer, and copy and paste this message- PLAYMANIC DOT NET FREE PRIVATE SERVER- WHERE THE RICH GET RICHER!Step five- Change your ip adress again using VPN, log in and take the account to either the G.E or lumby fountain on busiest worlds, and press F12, the account will now advertise our beautiful server to the whole world!Third Method:Create a reddit accountadd U/ManicPsupvote every comment from the accounts comments history. Fourth Method:Like the facebook page, invite friends, share postshttps://www.facebook.com/ManicrspserverFifth method:Set alarms on your phone and vote twice a day (if your schedule allows)did you know that you can vote on multiple accounts?! all you have to do is use your vpn the change your location before you vote on each account ! free vpns are available as plugins for chrome, but i reccomend Cyberghost as the best, cheapest and most reliable premium VPN service.there you have it guys, five ways that we could all help this server grow. if every single one of us chose to do even one thing on this list once a day, consistently, our precious sever will expand. Love each an everyone of you!! Best regards, Skeeter813
  12. Welcome you sexy boi, hoping to meet you ingame real soon ­čśë - Yuumi
  13. Mac

    Feekin's Intro

    Welcome to the server, Alex. I hope you enjoy the server and look forward to meeting you in-game!
  14. Hey guys- Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Alex and I recently joined the server. My ingame name is Feekin, however. I have been away from RSPS for awhile now, however, found that I am interested in pursuing it once again. I have played RSPS for the better part of 10 years now. I was staff on two older RSPS (Helix World & GrinderScape). Both were great times as I thoroughly enjoyed the community. I look forward to meeting some new people and potentially adding some of my family/close friends as well! Don't be afraid to say hi or shoot me a PM. Best, Alex
  15. Matias

    Councillor Team

    Hey Maniacs sorry for the lack of updates recently... We are sorry, but we thank you all for having patience and staying loyal. A big update is going to roll in soon. However in other news iam here to introduce something new: Councillor team. This is for the experienced players. What will ur role be? Well basically suggesting changes that are really needed and/or new changes giving us tips for future content and so on. You will be given a role on discord which will have myself and the owners in where we can communicate easily, along with this we are also adding a voice channel. So how do you join the councillor team? Well really you don't because you will be handpicked by myself or other staff members. We are looking for experienced, mature and loyal players of Manic. Thats it for now, stay tuned for more Maniacs! We love you all­čśÄ -Manics staff team
  16. nice work bros! ­čÖé
  17. so any news so far? its been a while now
  18. So much better without Logitec. No offense lol. Keep it up brothers
  19. Another awesome work!
  20. With moments and time past in the community of Manic, We bring to you another Newspaper. Filled with updates and info gathered and based fully on the people of the server. Hope you all enjoy and make sure to give complete honest feedback. Through the time pasted from the last newspaper we've had a few numbers of postions changed. Some moving up and some we had to wish farewell. @Blunderbore was recently welcomed to the staff team as a helper. Congrats to him and keep up the great work. @Anarchy aka Logitec left and resigned from his Administrator and News Team Manager positions. Wish all the best in your real life goals. @HoeNinja with all his hard work and detication being noticed was promoted to Manic's Moderator position. Congrats and nice job. @Future Light was demoted from staff position due to inactivity. Wish to see around the community and continue to play. @Cyclone better known and Dil stepped down and resigned from community manager. He deffinitly did an amazing job and hope the best in further goals Unfortantly we could not gather any sneak peek this time. The staff tean developers have been doing a great job and have kept basically all the updates under radar. We will be sure to make them release more intel and content for the next paper. Player of the week is a bi-weekly contest where the most active and professional players get their spotlight. This weeks due to short time worked around the page was only based on @Mirage input and thoughts who deserved the title. Most active on forums: Most active on discord: @John Rambo aka Yuumi Most active ingame: @xx501xx Most kind: @Earthquake Best staff: @HoeNinja Most respected non-staff: @Papi C Overall Player of the Week: @fenrir This time for the new page we got to sit down and interview the funny and jokester of manic. None other then @AP TrickZz himself. How did you find out about Manic ?´╗┐ I found out about manic through a private server finder online and came across manic, It looked nice so decided to join. What is your ´╗┐favorite Manic moment´╗┐ ?´╗┐´╗┐ Id have to say the enjoyment of the players and knowing everyone has a fun time, and also drop parties ofcourse. Do you ha´╗┐ve any goals within ´╗┐´╗┐Manic you wa´╗┐nt to achieve ?´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Help bring more and more players to the community, in other words make manic grow and a fun place ti be. Also reach max prestige in game. If there was one thing on Manic ´╗┐you could change, ´╗┐what would that be ?´╗┐ I would probably find a way to change currency in game to a better format, and achieved a different way. What is your daily motivation to keep working and helping Manic grow ? Seeing the excitement in the community as people play manic, they always seem in an awesome mood and gives me strive to help manic grow. W´╗┐hats your ´╗┐m´╗┐otivat´╗┐´╗┐io´╗┐nal phras´╗┐e ?´╗┐´╗┐ I cant hear you to well with that pity tri-whip in your mouth. ´╗┐Is there anyth´╗┐ing you'd like to add or le´╗┐t everyone know ?´╗┐´╗┐ Mostly pointed to the new players joining. But when it comes to loot and riches, they may be a bit difficult to achieve. It is definitely worth the time spent and effort put in. Giving full thanks to @HoeNinja , he sat down and questioned a community favorite. @John Rambo aka Yuumi's thoughts on This or That. L´╗┐aptop or Desktop? Desktop anytime Pizza or Pasta? Definitely pizza,i love pizza Iphone or Android? Android hand downs Walking or Driving? Driving, drivings fun Sleeping in or Staying up? Staying up Pineapple on or off pizza? Pineapple definitely off pizza, it ruins it haha OSRS or RS3? osrs Hip hop music or Pop music? dont really listen to either of them, but if i had to chose it'll be hip hop ­čÖé Question of the week What events would you all like to see added? *Simply in your reply to this news page let us know what your opinion is on this subject Riddle of the week What has a point but does not speak? *Be sure to post in your reply to this page your answer. First player to answer correctly will receive 100b cash!!!!! ~Anagram of the week~ Lniduasosincss *Be sure to post in your reply to this page your answer. First player to answer correctly will receive 10 Magma Boxes!!! Manager - @Mirage Grammar Editors - @Earthquake & @Mirage Chief Editor - @inocentes GFX Header Designer - @Papi C Content Reporters - @jen2673, @HoeNinja, @inocentes, and @Mirage Editors - @Earthquake and @Mirage Founder - @Typhoon
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    Papi C

    Fucked it up 2 sec
  22. updated. changes: 1.0 rule book has been updated, 18 and 19 new rules has been added. 1.1 dicing rules has been edited to fit our gamble system.
  23. I've written an entire list of boss drops and their new prices, you will be able to sell your items next update. If you have any suggestions PM me. Thread locked
  24. I believe some of them have billshop prices set but are still unable to be sold.
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