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  2. appreciate yal, i would just like to say i feel like i would be the most active choice being i am on at all kinds of hours of the day an night everyday. Like i am pretty well active so i can be a reliable member because i stay active. Only few circumstances i have not been on but im regularly on everyday. So active wise is not an issue nor would being removed for inactivity. Always supported the server always will.
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  4. Yes, but update only the thread, don't make like 5 posts on the same topic.
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  6. Just tryna boost forum activity haha my bad. Plus everything is different category thats why I post on diff threads
  7. Once again, beautiful work done by this amazing team!
  8. Awesome newspaper again brothers! Excited for the upcoming updates aswell! 😉 Toughest boss for me has to be behemoth, haven't slain it yet, but one day i will put it in dirt!
  9. Greetings to the Manic Community!!! Because we know everyone enjoys news, heres the continueing adventures and journeys people have here in Manic Hope you all enjoy and please be sure to post your answers to the papers events in the replies!!! Sense the last edition of the news paper we only had a few little staff postion changes. Promoted to Forums Moderator - @inocentes!!! Congratulation for winning a Forums event based on activity and determination. Joined the News Team - @Papi C!!! @Mirage's doings 😛 happen to see his GFX talent and feel in love For this weeks this or that sit down, we got to find out some things Mr. Glitch prefers and likes more in some topics!!! Laptop or Desktop? Mainly desktop Weed or Cigarettes? happen to not do either one so no comment 😄 Iphone or Android? Android hands down for sure Walking or Driving? Depends on mood, situational matter Sleeping in or Staying up? Staying up Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee? More preferred to iced coffee (oddly) OSRS or RS3? Honestly like RS3 really, everything about it most development Country Music or Classic Rock? Classic Rock definitely, Country just depresses me For this weeks newspaper we were able to sit down and interview a community favorite. None other then @madman1555 How did you find out about Manic ? A friend told me about it and i looked in to it What is your favorite Manic moment ? When we got a bunch of flowers and made a manic m Do you have any goals within Manic you want to achieve ? Make manic a better place and to one day control our eco 😉 If there was one thing on Manic you could change, what would that be ? DROPRATES!!!! What is your daily motivation to keep working and helping Manic grow ? To get a grim reaper pet Whats your motivational phrase ? *Hits bong* Is there anything you'd like to add or let everyone know ? Gambling is rigged We weren't really able to gather to much information on an addition or update coming to Manic, But there is a mention and words going around that there will be a new box of some sort with rewards created and added!!! I know as well as everyone if so we all definitely cant wait to check that out. This weeks Picture of the Week we've selected a nice personalized gfx name-tag made and designed by the talented @Papi C This week we bring to you the players that viewed to be the most deserving for these sections. For the future player of the week, we will be making a format on forums for the community to vote on this topic. Most active on Forums - @Papi C Most active on Discord - @John Rambo (aka-yuumi) Most active in Game - @Blunderbore Most Kind - @jen2673 Most respected Non-Staff Member - @madman1555 Best Staff Member - @Matias What is the most difficult boss to fight? *Simply in your reply to this news page let us know what your opinion is on this subject What is made from a material dark as night?  *Be sure to post in your reply to this page your answer. First player to answer correctly will receive 100b cash!!!!! " Esinfhevrosbtertfee " *Be sure to post in your reply to this page your answer. First player to answer correctly will receive 10 Magma Boxes!!! Manager - @Mirage Grammar Editors - @Earthquake & @Mirage Chief Editor - @inocentes GFX Header Designer - @Papi C Content Reporters - @jen2673, @HoeNinja, @inocentes, and @Mirage Editors - @Earthquake, @Cyclone, @Mirage Founder - @Typhoon
  10. this would have to be my highest one it seems like---- http://prntscr.com/nq71jz
  11. Good luck to all who enter, looks like papi is gonna win 😂
  12. Avoid keep posting this way. Want to add more, just update your own and starter post, don't keep doing new posts. That counts a spam posting, just a small warn.
  13. First one is very cool to be fair!
  14. Kind weird effect, but still interesting!
  15. Good Luck to everyone!!! Sounds like its going to be a really fun event. Hope to see more forums activity for sure!!! :)
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  17. Very interesting signature! well done!
  18. John Rambo

    Prestige Guide

    A nice, fast, and compact guide Papi, well done! 🙂
  19. inocentes

    Prestige Guide

    Really nice and fast guide, since some people might don't know this! Well done!
  20. Papi C

    Prestige Guide

    //**PRESTIGE LEVEL --- TOTAL BENEFIT (Not amount per prestige) **\\ ***Example: 1st Prestige = 500 Points - 2nd Prsetige = 796 - Total Points is 796 not add 796*** 1st Prestige - 0.02% DR - 500 Points 2nd Prestige - 0.04% DR - 796 Points 3rd Prestige - 0.06% DR - 1025 Points 4th Prestige - 0.08% DR - 1412 Points 5th Prestige - 0.10% DR - 1750 Points 6th Prestige - 0.12% DR - 2058 Points 7th Prestige - 0.14% DR - 2421 Points 8th Prestige - 0.16% DR - 2737 Points 9th Prestige - 0.18% DR - 3105 Points 10th Prestige - 0.20% DR - 3855 Points 11th Prestige - 0.22% DR - 4174 Points 12th Prestige - 0.24% DR - 4529 Points 13th Prestige - 0.26% DR - 4765 Points 14th Prestige - 0.28% DR - 5044 Points 15th Prestige - 0.33% DR - 5348 Points 16th Prestige - 0.33% DR - 5660 Points 17th Prestige - 0.34% DR - 6031 Points 18th Prestige - 0.33% DR(??) - 6392 Points 19th Prestige - 0.38% DR - 6724 Points 20th Prestige - 0.34% DR - 7724 Points 21st Prestige - 0.42% DR - 7930 Points 22nd Prestige - 0.44% DR - 8301 Points 23rd Prestige - 0.46% DR - 8608 Points 24th Prestige - 0.48% DR - 8835 Points 25th Prestige - 0.50% DR - 9203 Points 26th Prestige - 0.52% DR - 9479 Points 27th Prestige - 0.54% DR - 9852 Points 28th Prestige - 0.56% DR - 10121 Points 29th Prestige - 0.58% DR - 10497 Points 30th Prestige - 0.60% DR - 11747 Points
  21. im with inocentes ive seen u around and ive seen u give advice and help newer players when they start. im neutral as well but ill keep my eye on u 😉
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