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  1. Hello Everyone At Manic! We are proud to introduce to you a brand new content pack filled update. Now this update focus's on making the game more user-friendly by introducing the new achievement system! Simply type ::ach if you are new, follow the achievements, or these achievements can also be accessed via the quest tab. More achievement's to be added very soon! In other news... Bug-Fixes/Changes - operate full dark angel set for pet ADDED - daily tokens fixed - dark realm minigame fixed - rogue dungeon fixed - sacri-x banned from wild fixed - pathing issues fixed And finally... The TetsuX Dungeon & TetsuX Donator Rank Expansion Check the Donation store https://www.playmanic.net/store if you are interested There is a brand new piece of donator content that has been added. It's been a very long while since we've released content for those players who contribute alot to Maanic's Constant Uptime, Updates, & Upkeep. Introducing, the ALL NEW TetsuX Donator Rank & TetsuX Donator Zone. Acessible by ::tetsu, this zone introduces an all new powerful armour set that has much reason to obtain. The donator symbol: The TetsuX Zone: The Bosses Drop Table: The armour set: Set abilities: - 4 spec's of using incinerating flame damage to overwhelm your opponent with fire - Attack speed of set will gain momentum in battle as the fight goes on thus offering a slight increase in attack SPEED - overall very strong armour set that can take on the rest! We thank you for taking the time to read our update. Stay tuned for the latest updates via discord & also via the forums. Hope to see you apart of the new content and updates to come! All the best, The Manic Team
  2. Hey Maniacs, we've got another update filled with great new content for you. It has finally happened, a new unique bossing area has been added to Manic and is a stepping stone to the next tier realm of items. Introducing the Dark Realm The Dark Enchanter has figured out a way into the darker Realms of Manic. In this realm exists powerful fallen deities that were trapped here aeons ago. They are killable but very hard to defeat. By killing these ancient rulers of the past, you can obtain a chance at receiving a piece of their armour. The question is would you be interested in partaking in the next chapter of Manic? Introducing the Dark Realm To start this quest/minigame/boss: You would need to start by talking to the Dark enchanter North East of the Bank at home. He will give you a scroll for you to follow the steps required to be able to access the new darker realms of Manic. We have added the New Fallen Set dropped from the bosses: The fallen set is the next tier up from the Viserion. The set offers : Infinity prayer Increases your max hp to 200 Also to Note: With this update we have listened to our lovely Maniacs. - we have added the zoom option on fixed mode, you can do that by holding the control key and zooming in & out. (to reset click back on the fixed mode) -Also done some small bug improvements to fix the GPU and CPU on our server. -Also more duel arena bugs and gambling bugs fixed. Yours Truly, Earthquake & Avalanche
  3. Will be looked over with more opinions from the team ty dave for your submission.
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    welcome to manic brotha
  5. .::All events will be held by staff members::. On Monday: - We will do a hide & seek for 1 scratch card per winner - 9 total give-outs for this day & winners choice of any 3 of the scratch cards On Wednesday: - Trivia Questions 15 total winners choice of any 3 of the scratch cards On Friday: - Number game with all the new players of Manic Sunday: - We will do the Underwater Minigame - Rewards will be given every 10 wins in a row - Rewards will be 1 random scratch card per winner - The Manic Team -
  6. Thanks to those who have contributed thus far rewards were applied accordingly
  7. delete cache. lmk if this issue is further being ran into
  8. if you have issues with this send me a pm i can help.
  9. this was fixed.
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