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  1. Dear Players of Manic, It has come to my attention that player-owned shops were reset due to a hard server restart that caused the files to corrupt. I am contacting the Dropbox Customer Support Team and am pretty adamant that we will will be able to recover player-owned shops & if that does not work out we will STILL get the items you lost back to you no matter what! In the meantime, DO NOT use player owned shops until I hear back from dropbox support. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Hello Everyone At Manic! We are proud to introduce to you a brand new content pack filled update. Now this update focus's on making the game more user-friendly by introducing the new achievement system! Simply type ::ach if you are new, follow the achievements, or these achievements can also be accessed via the quest tab. More achievement's to be added very soon! In other news... Bug-Fixes/Changes - operate full dark angel set for pet ADDED - daily tokens fixed - dark realm minigame fixed - rogue dungeon fixed - sacri-x banned from wild fixed - pathing issues fixed And finally... The TetsuX Dungeon & TetsuX Donator Rank Expansion Check the Donation store https://www.playmanic.net/store if you are interested There is a brand new piece of donator content that has been added. It's been a very long while since we've released content for those players who contribute alot to Maanic's Constant Uptime, Updates, & Upkeep. Introducing, the ALL NEW TetsuX Donator Rank & TetsuX Donator Zone. Acessible by ::tetsu, this zone introduces an all new powerful armour set that has much reason to obtain. The donator symbol: The TetsuX Zone: The Bosses Drop Table: The armour set: Set abilities: - 4 spec's of using incinerating flame damage to overwhelm your opponent with fire - Attack speed of set will gain momentum in battle as the fight goes on thus offering a slight increase in attack SPEED - overall very strong armour set that can take on the rest! We thank you for taking the time to read our update. Stay tuned for the latest updates via discord & also via the forums. Hope to see you apart of the new content and updates to come! All the best, The Manic Team
  3. Hey Maniacs, we've got another update filled with great new content for you. It has finally happened, a new unique bossing area has been added to Manic and is a stepping stone to the next tier realm of items. Introducing the Dark Realm The Dark Enchanter has figured out a way into the darker Realms of Manic. In this realm exists powerful fallen deities that were trapped here aeons ago. They are killable but very hard to defeat. By killing these ancient rulers of the past, you can obtain a chance at receiving a piece of their armour. The question is would you be interested in partaking in the next chapter of Manic? Introducing the Dark Realm To start this quest/minigame/boss: You would need to start by talking to the Dark enchanter North East of the Bank at home. He will give you a scroll for you to follow the steps required to be able to access the new darker realms of Manic. We have added the New Fallen Set dropped from the bosses: The fallen set is the next tier up from the Viserion. The set offers : Infinity prayer Increases your max hp to 200 Also to Note: With this update we have listened to our lovely Maniacs. - we have added the zoom option on fixed mode, you can do that by holding the control key and zooming in & out. (to reset click back on the fixed mode) -Also done some small bug improvements to fix the GPU and CPU on our server. -Also more duel arena bugs and gambling bugs fixed. Yours Truly, Earthquake & Avalanche
  4. Will be looked over with more opinions from the team ty dave for your submission.
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    welcome to manic brotha
  6. .::All events will be held by staff members::. On Monday: - We will do a hide & seek for 1 scratch card per winner - 9 total give-outs for this day & winners choice of any 3 of the scratch cards On Wednesday: - Trivia Questions 15 total winners choice of any 3 of the scratch cards On Friday: - Number game with all the new players of Manic Sunday: - We will do the Underwater Minigame - Rewards will be given every 10 wins in a row - Rewards will be 1 random scratch card per winner - The Manic Team -
  7. Thanks to those who have contributed thus far rewards were applied accordingly
  8. Greetings Manic, It's been a tough time getting the new website and store + forums online but the process is finally complete. We are sorry for the downtime but glad everything is up and running again as it should be. Forums & Website are also 10x faster then old host so that's a plus. Anyways, hope you guys get more involved in forums as we will be soon holding events for forum activity.
  9. your suggestion was listened to and we revised this portion of content.
  10. HELLO NEW PLAYERS AND WELCOME TO MANIC! This guide will help you begin and guide you through the steps to becoming a pro. Beginner Zone The first thing you want to do is pick up the beginner set and membership bond out of your bank, claim the membership bond and go to ::nub2rich - This will allow you to kill the penguins there for 1 hour to get your hands on beginner tokens that can be exchanged for beginner mystery boxes at King Arthur within the same area. Get 95 Prayer After the hour is over teleport to ::3xpk, grab the bones from your bank that you have received from upon starting the game and do this until you reach level 95 Prayer. Continuing your journey After completing your time in the ::nub2rich zone and obtaining 95/99 prayer it's time to move on to the Mutated Corps, the Mutated Corps can be accesed by paying using the money making teleport in the mage tab. The first screen that pops up after using this teleport is the Mutated Corp teleport. To use the teleport, it cost 1x holy elixir and paying a holy elixir will grant you 500 Mutated Corp kills from which you can obtain Loudpurp and Aqualord boxes. Activity to do when you get the chance Whenever there is a team looking for a helper for either The Treus Minigame or the The Underwater Minigame join in on it for a chance to earn yourself some really good loot. Upgrading your gear The next step after killing the mutated corps is to upgrade your gear, suggestion would be either the fireblood rapier(fbr) or the destruction whip, either of which you could've already obtained from the Aqualord or loudpurp boxes. Additional you'd want to get your hands on a loudpurp set (skip this if you already obtained it from the Loudpurp boxes) and a Death/Dragon/Angel death cape (alternative you can farm them yourself at ::kbd, ::zammy or ::sara) High Tier Korasi and Offhand Minigames Start the Off-hand Minigame/The Korasi minigame and farm for the last tier item (either the Sapphire Offhand or the Light Korasi) Click on the following links below to guide you. Continue your adventure with collecting the Legendary Wolf pieces - Bork for the Legendary Wolf Cowl - Glod for the Legendary Wolf Body - Chaos Elemental for the Legendary Wolf Chaps - Phoenix for the Legendary Wolf Bow Mastering the 3 Combat Styles After you've completed the Legendary Wolf set, start killing either ::tds, ::rammer or ::ss and collect yourself some Guthix Dungeon Teleport Tabs. - Start the Guthix Dungeon until you have gotten yourself an Esoteric Staff, alternatively you can kill ::pq and collect yourself a Akrisae set (Esoteric staff would be the strong option) - After you've collected the Esoteric staff you'll be set on all 3 combat styles for the time being. Gelatinnoth Minigame - With all the extra drops you've collected in the previous steps, you should be able to buy yourself the Gelatinnoth Pickaxe at the Gelatinnoth miner NPC South-West of the Home Teleport. 9. Start grinding out the Gelatinnoth Dungeon until you've earned yourself an Icy whip Set, alternatively if you get a Gelatinnoth set (Warlord, Shaman, or Marksman) before you get the Icy Whip Set your best bet would be to selling the sets and upgrading your gear to make the next steps easier. Getting ready for a new realm 10. Kill ::iq until you get the icy dragon set, sell double drops and the whip drops you get along the way. 11. Kill ::necro until you get the Gloves of Darkness, alch the Necromancer Staff drops and sell the other Darkness drops you might get along the way. 12. Start grinding out Raids from this point onwards, do so until you get yourself the Black K.B.D Summoners Helmet (must have), the Godly Platebody, the Primal Legs, Tri-Whip, and the Corrupt Off-hand. - If you went with the Off-hand Minigame you can skip the Corrupt Off-hand for now 13. After you've obtained the Raid items you should start killing the Bandos Avatars found in the red portal east of home for Sacrificial Upgrade Kits. - Collect the Viserion Soul drops you get while grinding out the Sacrificial Kits on the Bandos Avatars. - After you have received the kits, you will want to type in ::sacri and learn what it takes to earn the sacrificial points in order to use the item, the kit, and the points to make the armor and weapons sacrificial. Beyond the realm, final frontier! 14. After you have obtained the Sacrificial Kits and once you have made your set into Sacrificial, you should have enough souls to start doing the Viserion Dungeon, stay here for a while and sell most the loot you get, you'll be spending quite some time in here because it's one of the best money makers in game. - You combine 1000 Viserion Souls to make a scroll that gives you 15 hours in the Viserion Dungeon. - The Viserion NPC's also drop 100 Viserion Souls ever so often as well 15. Save up on cash with the previous step, upgrade your Icy Whip set to a Disturbed Whip set when you've got enough to afford it. 16. After you've upgraded the Icy Whip set to a Disturbed Set (Whip and Gloves) it is time to move on to the Gluttonous Behemoth found at ::bm - Alternatively you can find the Behemoth if you enter the portal in front of the Wise Old Man west of the Home teleport. 17. If you are having a hard time with Behemoth right now you can obtain a Food Pouch and the Food Pouch Upgrade Scroll from ::barrel, this will allow you to bring in 10 (20 if upgraded) extra food items. 18. The best possible gear upgrade you could get at this moment is the K.B.D Torva Set from the Instanced Dungeon, if you have a hard time completing the dungeon get yourself a Vampyre's Aurora from the Chaos Elemental found in the deep wilderness Congratulations! From this point forward you got all the content manic has open for you to explore in any way you want! Thank you so much for reading this guide! Hopefully this has helped provide you with as much of a great experience as it has for me when I started. Tsunami Special shout out to Logitec for helping me make this guide!
  11. hey can you please help me im unable to download the client and am unsure why 


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