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  1. Hello and Welcome Maniacs to our official forum activity competition! We want to increase our activity here on the forums and need your help! How to participate? Simply comment on forum posts, make guides or post content to the forums. Rules are as follows: 1. No spam Posts or one word posts. 2. Be an active player in-game 3. Offline winners will STILL get their prizes. What are the rewards? We will have numerous winners for this competition, divided into weekly and monthly winners. Weekly: Top 2 posters will receive 2 Scratch Cards of their choice (Epic Scratch Card, Grand Scratch Card, Mega Scratch Card) Deadline for the weekly ranking is on Monday noon Pst time Monthly: Top 3 posters will receive 5 Scratch Cards of their choice Deadline for the monthly ranking is on the first of the month at noon Pst time You can check your status of forum posts at the bottom of the main Manic forum page.
  2. Hey Maniacs, we've got another update filled with great new content for you. Daily Money Makers Expansion 1. Thieving Madness Thieving madness can be accesed by obtaining a stolen invitation that can be stolen from any thieving stall found at home. The stolen invitation will give you acces to the Rogue's Den via the daily money making teleport where you can steal the thiefs for a chance of obtaining 3 types of casket. Each casket will have their own special rewards that can be obtained with the Ring of Coins being the most rare item available. 2. Reward token mania Financial advisers can now be killed for a chance to obtain a daily reward token. The financial advisers can be accesed via the daily money maker teleport and have a chance of dropping a daily reward token which will offer you daily rewards for each day of the week. Each token lasts for 1 week, and need to be re obtained when they've ran out of charges. 3. Holiday Havoc The Wise Old man has taken his retirement to the camelot party room feasting on all the rares that he obtained within his long career. Now is your chance to get your hands on some of those rares. Every day a select amount of wise old man and his counterpart the foolish old man can be killed for a chance to obtain one of the new textured party hats, santa hats or even the sled. This daily activity can be accesed via the money teleport. 4. Voting Mayhem Party balloons have been let lose in scaperun, pop them for a chance to obtain the brand new mayhem mystery box. The party balloons can be accesed after a payment of 4 votes via the money teleport. Voting mayhem may be accesed twice a day and give you a chance to obtain the new party balloon pet that gives you a chance to double the amount of votes you obtain from claiming an auth code. Poll system The polling interface has been added in the game to give the players a chance to voice their opinion on possible new changes to Manic. The polling interface can be opened by doing ::poll. Other News. *Miscreations of ice are no longer immune to the esoteric staff. *Sacrificial staff x has been made untradeable. *Magma korasi and Magma korasi offhand have been made untradeable. *Female characters are now working. *Referral system has been implented in the game.
  3. Water minigame guide How to get there? - ::water or talk to drunk sailor at home. What gear do you need? You can't wear capes or helms while playing this minigame. -Helper role: any armour is fine, the higher the def stats the better (you can do it without armour for this role). -Fighter role: Head: None Body: Sacri X Body -> K.B.D Torva Body ->Magma Eclipse body -> Blue Lava Body -> Bloody Dragon Body Legs: Sacri X Legs -> K.B.D Torva Legs -> Magma Eclipse Legs -> Blue lava legs -> Bloody Dragon legs Main hand: Blue Lava Tri -> Magma Emperor Tri -> Disturbed Whip -> Icy Whip Offhand: Sacri X Offhand -> Magma Emperor Offhand -> Blue lava Offhand Cape: None Boots: Boots of Silence -> Combatant Boots ->Sacri X Boots -> Blue Lava Boots- Gloves: Gloves of Silence -> Disturbed Whip Gloves* -> Icy gloves** -> Sacri X Gloves -> Sacri Gloves Ring: Ring of Wonders(IGPBD) -> Ring of Wonders(IGPB) -> Ring of Wonders(IGP) -> Ring of Wonders(IG) -> Ring of Wonders(I) -> Ring of Wonders -> Sacri ring -> Frow Amulet: Collector's Neck (HDA) -> Collector's Neck (HD) -> Collector's Neck (H) ->Amulet of Vengeance Ammo: Vampyre aurora -> The silenced sigil -> Sacri sigil -> Maxhit Sigil *Only bring Disturbed Whip Gloves if your main hain is a Disturbed whip **Only Bring Icy Whip Gloves if your main hand is an Icy Whip ***High priced donation set haven't been included what to bring in inventory? -Overload/extreme potions -Purple sweet/Book of Immortality How to play? -Fighter role: When you start click the chest to get the helm and cape. All you need to do is lower the strykewyrms hp while avoiding the whirlpools. Whirlpools pop up randomly and you'll get a warning in your chat box just before it'll appear, so as soon as you read it, move from the spot you are standing in. The Whirlpools also come in waves, 2 sets of 2 waves each, you will see a free spot while the wave is coming from east to west, click on the free spot and wait till the Whirlpools pass by, move 1 spot west of the boss to start attacking again. When the boss reaches the 26% hp it'll generate a shell that need to be destroyed with harpoons by the helpers, after the shell has been destroyed finish of the strykwyrm. -Helper role: the main objective of the helper team is providing the fighters with oxygen, harpooning the boss (destroying the shell) and in some cases providing food if the fighter's are in need of it. After getting the helm and cape from the chest at start, leave the boss area by going though the pen gate, here you search for chests within the area, loot the chests untill you find a source of Oxygen and a harpoon, those items will stay in the same chest through the entire game. Right click a fighter with oxygen in your inventory and click on "give oxygen" (works the same way to give food). How to harpoon the boss? Wear the harpoon you looted from the chests outside of the pen and attack the boss when it is at 26% hp. When the boss is dead, loot the chest to claim your reward! Credits for this Guide go to Supergirl for writing out the basic guidelines
  4. In-game name: What is your timezone: Gmt+1 (Netherlands) How long have you been playing ManicPS: On and off for about 4ish years now How many hours do you play a day: around 8 hours a day, sometimes more. Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why) No. Do you have any staff experience: I've been a supporter on pkhonor for 6 months Do you have discord: Yes, i do. Do you have a working microphone: Not at the moment What languages do you speak: English, dutch, German, French Why should we accept you: (50 words minimum) I've been around on Manicps for a long time now, i gathered a decent amount of knowledge about the game which brings me along way on helping others with their problems. I always try my best to help players with the questions/problems they may have and still try to expend my knowledge of the game, hence why i made my own ironman. I'm a pretty easy guy to get along with, and from what i've seen from the other staff members so far i think i'd be a great fit into that team.
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