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  1. Matias

    Councillor Team

    Hey Maniacs sorry for the lack of updates recently... We are sorry, but we thank you all for having patience and staying loyal. A big update is going to roll in soon. However in other news iam here to introduce something new: Councillor team. This is for the experienced players. What will ur role be? Well basically suggesting changes that are really needed and/or new changes giving us tips for future content and so on. You will be given a role on discord which will have myself and the owners in where we can communicate easily, along with this we are also adding a voice channel. So how do you join the councillor team? Well really you don't because you will be handpicked by myself or other staff members. We are looking for experienced, mature and loyal players of Manic. Thats it for now, stay tuned for more Maniacs! We love you all😎 -Manics staff team
  2. updated. changes: 1.0 rule book has been updated, 18 and 19 new rules has been added. 1.1 dicing rules has been edited to fit our gamble system.
  3. I've written an entire list of boss drops and their new prices, you will be able to sell your items next update. If you have any suggestions PM me. Thread locked
  4. hi. thank you for suggesting this, would you mind writing a list of items that you should be able to sell and their prices in the bills for items shop?
  5. updates: Logitec has resigned. Cyclone has resigned. Kenji has resigned. Flavourr has been promoted to Moderator Blunderbore has been promoted to Helper Hoeninja has been promoted to Moderator Inocentes has been promoted to Forums Moderator
  6. Matias

    DTD Bosses

    thanks for this papi C
  7. I like everything you mentioned, thank you Inocentes.
  8. our requierment is to atleast have played on manic for 3 weeks however, i will keep this application open because we want to see you help players more in the clan chat by answering their questions etc. -manicps staff team
  9. hello, we have seen your application and we like it however we would like you to help more in clan chat -manicps staff team
  10. Please follow the format posted below if you wish to apply for a staff position here at ManicPS. If your application is Denied you will not be able to apply again for 21 days (3 weeks). If you lie in your staff application you will be instantly denied. Requirements Proper english skills. You have played ManicPS for at least 3 weeks so that you have a good grasp on the community and game play so that you are able to answer questions efficiently and effectively. You must be active and always helping people out every day. In-game name: What is your timezone: How long have you been playing ManicPS: How many hours do you play a day: Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why) Do you have any staff experience: Do you have discord: Do you have a working microphone: What languages do you speak: Why should we accept you: (50 words minimum)
  11. 12/30/2018 - Mr brandon was promoted to Adminstrator 1/1/2019 - Teh kings was promoted to Helper 1/2/2019 - Shadowmize was promoted to Helper 1/3/2019 Kitty kutty was promoted to Helper
  12. Owner Avalanche Co-Owner Earthquake Community Manager - Administrators Albinokiwi Last Kingz Matias Hoeninja Moderators Astroboy Swift Helpers Cryptic Trap Pvm Lord Sogn Blunderbore Twiztidboy
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