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  1. Hi, I just found a pretty big bug, but it's not letting me PM you. it says "Kiteshield cannot receive messages'

  2. I've recently sent in a HUGE BUG report, but what is this "reward" i am receiving?

  3. Hey. Undead Vex just banned me for no reason, can you check out my appeal 


  4. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing atm on the server Kite, we really appreciate everything you guys do and all the time you guys put into making Manic what it is k3

  5. Hey Mr kite, Revo here. i seem to have broke the game, i equipped my lil skillin outfit set after prestiging right before the pin comes up and after i set the pin my items i equipped was all gone. send help, lost steeds blood ammy and dxp ring and iron phat

  6. Loving the new end-game content :)

  7. New Manic Logo is now shown on the site :) It will soon appear in the client as well!

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