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  1. Hi, I just found a pretty big bug, but it's not letting me PM you. it says "Kiteshield cannot receive messages'

  2. I've recently sent in a HUGE BUG report, but what is this "reward" i am receiving?

  3. Table of Contents: 1.0 General Manic Rules 1.1 Dicing, Gambling, Staking Rules 1.2 Wilderness & Player Killing (PKing) Rules 1.3 Forum Rules If you see a user break any of the rules listed below type ::staff in-game and Private Message an online staff member to report the rule-breaking player. 1.0 General Manic Rules These are the general rules for Manic, these need to be followed at all times, in any scenario. Breaking any of these rules can either result in jail time, a timed-mute, perma-mute, timed-ban, permanent account ban or IP ban. 1. No excessive flaming, bullying or trolling This means in small amounts these are allowed, but as soon as a user gets annoyed or angry it goes too far. You have to stop if either a player requests you to do so, or a staff member tells you to stop. 2. No excessive cursing Just as rule 1, in small amounts it’s allowed but you have to stop when a player requests you to do so, or a staff tells you to stop. 3. No harassment, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination Excessive begging for items falls under harassment. 4. No spamming Should be pretty obvious, don't spam the chat, especially when a player or staff asks you to stop. 5. Do not advertise or mention any other RSPS server Advertising will result in an instant permanent ban, mentioning other RSPSes will result in an official warning. 6. Threatening of any kind is disallowed This includes either threatening to hack to the server or threatening a player in any type of way. 7. If you create an account, the name must follow the above rules 8. Spam-creating accounts is disallowed 9. Luring and scamming is disallowed More information about this in section 1.1 10. No non-minigame point farming of any kind This means you can't make accounts to farm loyalty points or use alt accounts to gain PK points. 11. Do not attempt/abuse any bugs. If you find a bug, report it to any of the online staff members or on the forums. 12. No posting of personal information that isn't yours. Privacy is to be respected here. This includes any passwords, logins or dumps. 13. Account sharing is disallowed This includes giving or selling your account to another player. 14. Multi-logging is limited to 2 accounts per player This means you're allowed to play on 2 accounts at once, don't play on 3 accounts or more. These accounts cannot camp the same boss, minigame, or work together directly in order to accomplish a specific task. 14.1 Multi-logging only applies to accounts that are actively being played For example, you can log into three alts to help start a raid (four total), as long as only two of those accounts are being played on. The other two accounts must remain completely AFK. 15. No real-world trading (RWT) This means you're not allowed to sell in-game items for anything outside of Manic. This includes but is not limited to; Real life currency (Physical & Digital) , OSRS or RS3 gold & items, other RSPS gold & items. Only "Avalanche" the server owner is allowed to sell in-game items for any of the above-listed situations, this means any other staff isn't allowed to do this. 16. No use of Auto click or macro or 3rd party. This means You are not allowed to auto click thieve stalls or skills. or any use of macro or bots or 3rd party sources to achieve an advantage above other players 17. While we respect your ethnicity we do request the chat be kept to english. While we respect your ethnicity we do humbly ask that you keep all cc and public chat to english, so that in the event something is misunderstood we can look through the logs and verify all of the information as it is explained. This rule is extended to in-game and forums Pm should be alright seeing as its between you and a person privately. 18. No spam creating accounts to farm achievements. Creating accounts to farm the achievement system is strictly prohibited and will result in timed-ban or IP-ban and removal of account and/or assests of all your accounts. 19. Evading punishments is strictly prohibited. Creating new accounts to avoid punishment is prohibited and will result in longer ban and/or mute. If you were muted or banned we strongly advise you to post an appeal on forums. DO NOT create a new account and spam chat and/or pm staff members. 1.1 Dicing, Gambling, Staking Rules 1. Scamming in Dicing or Staking is disallowed, in-case you got scammed and have valid proof actions can be taken against the scammer. Valid proof is either a video or multiple printscreens of the gamble. Witnesses are not valid proof unless the witness is a staff member. 2. Do not make any extra deals or rules in the duel arena This means no deal-making like "Let's put on DDS/Whip but only use whip" if you select DDS/Whip both weapons are allowed 3. If there was no official agreement on the pay-out always make a pay-out in equal value of the amount that has been bet We recommend before dicing to have it clear which items are being gambled and what the (potential) pay-out is. 1.2 Wilderness & Player Killing (PKing) Rules 1. As stated before do not farm PK point in any way This means, no mass killing of alt accounts or mass killing of friends/other players whom willingly let you kill them for points. 2. Do not kill a player twice in a 20 min time span If you kill a player you aren't allowed to kill this same player again for 20 minutes UNLESS this player attacks your first, then you're allowed to kill this player in self-defence. This doesn't mean you can wear no armor, die, then wear armor to bypass this rule. If you attempt this, you are free to be pked even if the 20 min time span rule is in effect. If a player is attacking another player you are free to attack them as they are "Pking" or if the player is geared to pk you may attack them This rule rule does not apply at Demonic Gorillas if the player is attempting to kill Gorillas or loot the chest. If someone is looting their untradeables and leaving, you are not allowed to kill them again. 3. Ragging/Troll attacking is disallowed This means you're not allowed to keep attacking a player, bring it close to death but not killing it to avoid breaking rule 2 from section 1.2 1.3 Forum Rules All the above rules also apply to the forums. 1. Do not spam post 2. Do not spam the Chatbox on the Forum homepage 3. Do not spam Private Message players or staff If you need to get ahold of a staff member private message them once and wait patiently for a reply, in-case they don't reply within 24 hours you can sent a reminder message.
  4. Hey. Undead Vex just banned me for no reason, can you check out my appeal 


  5. Thanks for all the work you guys are doing atm on the server Kite, we really appreciate everything you guys do and all the time you guys put into making Manic what it is k3

  6. Hey Mr kite, Revo here. i seem to have broke the game, i equipped my lil skillin outfit set after prestiging right before the pin comes up and after i set the pin my items i equipped was all gone. send help, lost steeds blood ammy and dxp ring and iron phat

  7. Loving the new end-game content :)

  8. New Manic Logo is now shown on the site :) It will soon appear in the client as well!

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