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  1. I'd like to get some closure aswell, maybe like once a week?
  2. Welcome you sexy boi, hoping to meet you ingame real soon 😉 - Yuumi
  3. Awesome newspaper again brothers! Excited for the upcoming updates aswell! 😉 Toughest boss for me has to be behemoth, haven't slain it yet, but one day i will put it in dirt!
  4. John Rambo

    Prestige Guide

    A nice, fast, and compact guide Papi, well done! 🙂
  5. not bad decisions bro! used to main thresh myself back in the days! 😜
  6. Hello there! You probably clicked into this post, if you play League of Legends right? Who is your favorite champion in League? My favorite is Shaco so far, but i also play Fiora and Draven quite bit! Feel free to leave yours below, i'll gladly take a look at that! 😛
  7. Awesome newspaper brothers! And thanks for the lovely welcome, glad to be around again! 🙂 And my answer to the riddle is Light.
  8. Hey boys and girls! I just hit 5,2k bandos avatar kills! Now i'm going to ask, whats YOUR kc on bandos avatars? 😉 And if bandos avatars aren't your thing, then your highest kc on any monster works! 😄
  9. Hello there everyone! This is more of an comeback than an introduction, but to all new people around, let me introduce myself! My name is John Rambo, now Yuumi, IRL name Tomi if you want to use that one instead! I am a 17 year old, slightly autistic lad from Finland! In my own opinion, i'm funny, great company and overall a nice person! 🙂 Easy to talk with, easy to get to know aswell! I'm returning after months of not playing, looking forward to get to know all of you better, and to have a blast with y'all! 😉 Sincerely yours, John Rambo Just in case if you're curious to know what i look like, here's a picture for you! 😄
  10. +1 for Papi C from me! A super nice and cool fella, definitely would love to see him in staff team!🙂
  11. Loving the Runelite client update, Wiki is also amazing, great job guys!
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