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  1. Very nice and detailed guide/video! Good joob SuperGirl!
  2. inocentes

    DTD Bosses

    ohhh, now makes sense. Didn't actually go with the DTD standing, my bad. OT: Great quick guide, good work Papi.
  3. inocentes

    DTD Bosses

    what's the purpose of this? confused.
  4. My guess will be 250 😛 gl everyone!
  5. Did not know this actually. Good and helpful guide , thank you sir.
  6. I think that way, things will stay up to staff to really watch your dedication and behaviour from now on, to see if you're trust worthy.
  7. Like Typhoon said, is a bit questionable the ammount of dedication you can give to Manic, when you already are staff on another rsps. Other than that, I know your cool, mature and helpful when needed. I'll stay NEUTRAL for now.
  8. Like other people said it, yet too soon to even think about applying.
  9. Yes, that's the point. Needs a revamp or just not needed at all. Appreciated buddy!
  10. Very nice updates! Few people will be able to achieve it!
  11. Welcome buddy! Hope you have a blast this time on Manic, the best rsps around 🙂 If you need help just shoot me a PM. 🙂
  12. Thank you for the feedback, appreciate it 🙂 About Veteran rank, I said Veteran, but Legend might be nice too yes.
  13. Glad to hear it. Waiting for feedback 🙂
  14. In-game name: Inocentes What is your timezone: 0 + GMT How long have you been playing ManicPS: Since January of 2018, had a break, and came back a month ago. How many hours do you play a day: Nowadays, I've been playing for about 8-10h a day. Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why) No sir. Do you have any staff experience: Yes I do have. I've been staff in multiples servers before. I've been from regular helper, to co-owner. Having more experience as administrator and forums manager/moderator. Do you have discord: Yes I do. Do you have a working microphone: Yes I do. Been sick for a few days, so I can't proper talk at the moment, but I'll be fine in 2-3 days. What languages do you speak: I speak english and portuguese fluently, and a bit of spanish. Why should we accept you: (50 words minimum) You guys should accept me because I'm a dedicated player, I know manic properly, game and community wise. I'm a "old player", which brings experience and maturity. Another thing that brings maturity and experience is the fact I'm not a 18 or 16 years old kid, and I've been playing rsps since I'm 12, so more than 10 years. I'm respectful, friendly, easy to talk, calm, assertive and honest. I love to help, and I'm happy doing it. I accept constructive criticism, and I don't get furious when people point the finger to me. I like to learn, teach, and evolve with anybody and everybody who wants too. That's all I have to say for now. Feel free to any questions. Peace 🙂
  15. Hey fellow Manic brothers, So I'll post here some suggestions I have. I've gathered all of them from my experience on manic from the begin to now. Let's start it: - Prestige: Like other players said before, and multiple times, prestige needs a rework. A revamp to its whole reason. It can be done in multiple ways: might it be by rising the number of prestiges, making it more impactfull, increasing drop rate, changing and implementing proper rewards, pos-max prestige PVM rewarding... multiple ways of doing. - Donator ranks : In my honest opinion, there's small to nearly none difference in most of donor ranks, in terms that a divine donor nearly has small more benefits than an normal donor. In these terms, I think that either their benefits, or either their "zones" must be reworked in some way. The player needs to feel that they're receiving what they're paying for, feeling that their zone or benefits truly transpass what they paid for. - Membership: Let's be honest, besides overloads , Memberzone has no truly use, making the membership nearly to truly useless. Needs a rework in someway. It has to mean something or isn't at all worth it/useful. - New rank: I think we should reward players that are loyal to us, to us Manic community, to us/you Manic staff, to this family. In that way I think we should implement a new rank called " Veteran". I'm aware of the existence of Respected rank, but it's a different thing in my opinion. Veteran is a rank aiming those who were loyal to this family for long, who helped a lot the community in the past and present, and should always be a rank given, not by request, but by vote poll, coming from staff/respected members, that way, isn't a grind rank, but a full deserved one. Plus, of course, there's some basic requirements to meet, being the most important one, in my opinion, the joining date. Let me hear your thoughts guys. It's all for now, but I might updated in future. cheers
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