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  1. Egx

    *No news*

    Hello, Can we get some closure as players? Is the server dying? Why there are no updates? Is that the end of Manic? Its been more than 3 months, what the hell you are up to? Or nothing at all?
  2. This sounds so exciting :) good job guys, please take under consideration the update for achievements too :)
  3. Egx


    Hello, welcome to Manic. Ar u up for achievements? When u start playing check achievements tab :) if u have any questions, pm: egx.
  4. Female characters are not working properly, sacri x offhand is not shown when equipped
  5. Egx

    Egx Shop

    Hello Manic, First of all, prices that are shown below are chosen by me, you dont want to buy - dont bother commenting or pm'ing, they will not going to change. So, now as that part is away, here is the list of what I am selling: Eso staff - 250b Barrow pets - 200b ea ( have two at the moment) Votes - 1b ea (have 80 at the moment) Vis souls - 200m ea (have 275 at the moment) Raids items - guys you can order Raids items, and I will get them for you, here are the prices: KBD helm - 1t Godly plate - 800b Tri whip - 600b Primal legs - 200b Off hand - 300b If any questions, pm. Prices will change, depending on how many will be sold :) Egx
  6. Egx

    How's your day?

    Going for full slayer set, and one of the achievements will be done. Next ones within a week to do - 10k agility tickets and rune ores to mine :) all in all not bad
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