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  1. I'm re-applying due to all the stuff that has happened in the past few days. I apologize Justin, that the staff team wasn't loyal. (well glock and specs.) In-game name:Yelawolf (Fe Luck M8)Age: 22 What is your timezone: CentralHow long have you been playing ManicPS: 2 yearsishHow many hours do you play a day: 6-8 hours a day. sometimes more.Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes state for what) No Do you have any staff experience from any other server: Yes, I've been staff on several servers. mostly smaller with 10-15 players on at a time.Do you have skype: noDo you have a working microphone: Yes What languages do you speak: English Why do you feel you should be accepted to ManicPS staff team? (50 words minimum): I'm active, I help any player I can with questions, if I know the answer. I'm very familiar with the game as I've played for so long, and I enjoy this game and I feel like I'd be a positive asset to the staff team. I also play on fe luck m8, so if I'm not on yelawolf, it's not because I'm inactive, I just enjoy the iron grind Thanks for checking out my app
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