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  1. Support for everything but for mems, f6 bank is the best thing ever!
  2. Demonic Gorillas guide This is a guide to show you what is the best gear you can use to camp them, what your inventory should look like and what to do once you are there. Demonic Gorillas are monsters located in lvl 45 wilderness and can be found in the boss teleport, to kill them you will need at least two different styles of combat, the best gear you can use for each of the styles are the following setups: Mage gear: Virtus set, arcane spirit shield, completionist cape, barrow gloves, amulet of fury*, chaotic staff, ragefire boots**, ring of wealth. Ranged gear: Pernix set, divine spirit shield, completionist cape, barrow gloves, amulet of fury*, chaotic crossbow, ragefire boots**, ring of wealth, dragon (e) bolts. Melee gear: Torva set, divine spirit shield, completionist cape, barrow gloves, amulet of fury*, drygore rapier, ragefire boots**, ring of wealth. * Amulet of fury because the amulet switch will only waste your inventory space. **Ragefire boots for all styles because a boot switch will only waste your inventory space. Demonic Gorillas can be killed in other setups such as void, or pvp arours, i pick nex sets because of its defensive stats and hp boost. Inventory I picked mage and melee setup, just in case someone tries to kill me, im not geared for a fight but can freeze and tank till i get to a safe spot. What to do once you tele there They switch their prayer after you damage them for a bit, so you need to switch styles to keep attacking them. Keep switching styles untill you kill them. Rewards
  3. Guthix dungeon guide How to get there? To be able to enter the Guthix Dungeon you need to get a Guthix Dungeon teleport. you can get it by killing Rammernaut (1 in 20), Tormented demons (1 in 30) or Giant sea snake (1 in 40). Inside the Guthix Dungeon Inside the guthix dungeon there are 3 stages. Stage 1. Godly Icefiend In order to acces the Bloodchillers you need to kill 50 Godly icefiends and collect 50 guthix tickets that you can obtain as drop. The godly icefiends got the following drops: Stage 2. To'Kash the Bloodchiller In order to process to the next stage of the Guthix Dungeon you need to kill 150 To'Kash the Bloodchillers and collect 150 Guthix Tickets. The Bloodchillers got the following drops: Stage 3. King Rammernaut The final stage of the Guthix Dungeon, in this stage you got the chance to kill 200 King rammernauts, the only npcs in manic able to drop the Esoteric Staff. King Rammernaut got the following drops: Repeating the process If you did not get the Esoteric staff on the first run Through, you can repeat the dungeon. If you saved up on the excess Guthix tickets that you obtained in the first run through you can skip the first part of the dungeon on your repeated runs and start at the Bloodchillers. The Esoteric Staff The Esoteric Staff is one of the best staffs in game and the reason you're doing the Guthix Dungeon. Esoteric staff has a chance to ignore the defense of a Boss
  4. will make some more, atm have a treus solo kill recorded, need to edit it but havent had time, will upload more soon :)
  5. Hey i made an inst dung video, hope you like it! https://youtu.be/S7vyr6mz2wI
  6. Winner is @Seems, grats!
  7. Hey everyone this is gonna be a quick event where i need your help! Im going to upload a pvm video and i need an epic song to add to it. So to participate on the event: put the song's name and artist on the comments. You can only use ONE song to participate in the event, so pick it carefully 😄 After 30 mins of started the event ill pick the song and the winner will be announced, the reward is 50b cash. Lets gooo!
  8. Nice nice, was waiting for something like this!
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