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    I'd like to get some closure tho, what's happening these months with manic? Been playing alone 24/7 mostly. No clue what's comming next
  2. In-game name: Smokex What is your timezone: +2 How long have you been playing ManicPS: like 2 years for now How many hours do you play a day: 5hours +,on weekends even longer Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why) Never. Do you have any staff experience: I was staff on ikov, simplycity,pkhonor, and few low ranked rsps. Do you have discord: yes Do you have a working microphone: Yes What languages do you speak: English, Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian Why should we accept you: (50 words minimum) Im always glad to help others, new ones, i know enough about Manic, to help and share with others :)
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