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  1. How long have you been playing ManicPS: as long as needed How many hours do you play a day: about 19 hours if not all day First thing is that you completely misunderstood that first question. It asks how long you already played this game. Second question would be: Do you really play this game for 19 hours everyday? How does that work out? Other than that what I mentioned, I think this is too soon. Yesterday I saw you online first time, and I think you’re not ready to take over the role what requires alot of knowledge towards the game.
  2. I’m actually a tad bit concerned about the fact you are Moderator on another RSPS. How could you dedicate alot of your free-time helping people out here in Manic, when you have an important role already on another server? I mean it’s good that you have experience but in my honest opinion we need staff members who devotes their time and is willing to help everyone non-stop if that makes sense. Other than that I see you’re quite a mature guy, and maturity is one of the keys of becoming a staff member. I haven’t seen you playing but its because our timezones. I’m staying Neutral about your application right now, and gonna have a chat with some of the members if they can change my mind. Good luck.
  3. Baller lands into Manic! Amazing to see you already been poppin’ active not only on forums but on discord too. Keep up the amazing activity, and as you are really well aware, if you have question hit me up. Hopefully we can work together for long time!
  4. Thank you for the amazing suggestions buddy. Although I’d change Veteran to Legend but I have to agree with all of your suggestions you just mentioned here.
  5. Welcome back to ManicPS friend! Hoping you can have a blast in here and meet all the new faces, try all the new updates you’ve missed. I see you are activating yourself on forums! Please do shoot me a pm on forums or Discord (Hc Cooni#7874) if you’re ever in need of an assistance. Good luck!
  6. It’s not luck this time brother 😉 Good luck sir!
  7. What is up Manic. Here's what I've promised and promoted for over a week. SICK, CRAZY and HUGE event hosted exclusively to our forum community. It's not too late to register and participate, but your changes decreases tremendously everyday. So what are you waiting for ? Make your forums account and participate to get involved into PURE MADNESS! How To Participate ? But Cooni, how can I participate into this madness ? It's really simple. All you have to do is use forums, and reply to this thread with your in-game name. Ofcourse you also need to maintain the activity on forums to get better chances. REMEMBER: IF YOU HAVEN'T REPLIED TO THIS THREAD WITH YOUR IN-GAME NAME, YOU ARE NOT PARTICIPATING INTO THIS EVENT. YOU NEED TO REPLY WITH YOUR IN-GAME NAME. PERIOD. How Do We Pick Winners ? We will pick 3 winners based on few criterias and aspects. Although I said it's simple to participate in this event, it's not easy to be the best and to win since we are not using any Random number generator, or pick winners randomly. We will pick winners based on how much work you do, and how professional you are. This is exclusive chance to win something huge, so criterias is bigger aswell. Winners will be picked based on following criterias: * Activity * Maturity * Professionality * How detailed your posts are (NO SPAMMING!) * How you act in certain situations * Knowledge If you promote forums, and refer more players to use forums, and this thread, you will get better chance. We as a team are doing our best effort to get forums active, and get as much people hooked. Everything that you do what helps forums activity, will be one step closer to your winning. How to get disqualified ? We have currently 3 Forum moderators moderating and watching you all very closely. Us 3 will personally have a discussion about who is going to win, and who deserves it most. We can also choose to disqualify you if you break any rules on forums. If we decide to disqualify you, there is absolutely no way you can participate into this event at all anymore. Make sure to follow our rules closely, so you don't get disqualified because its the last thing you want. Forum Moderators are: @Supergirl, @logitec and @Hc Cooni And lastly.... What are the prizes of this event ? I didnt promote this event for no reason. Prizes are huge, and if you stick with forums it's not that hard. All you have to do is maintain the activity to get a chance to win these CRAZY rewards. 1st prize: Forum Moderator rank (YES FOR REAL) and $50 donation store credit! 2nd prize: $50 donation store credit! 3rd prize: $25 donation store credit! Event will take place untill last day of april, and winners will be announced 1st of May. Any further questions can be asked from @logitec, @Supergirl or myself via Forums DM or Disord. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  8. UPDATED! @logitec was promoted from Moderator to Administrator! @Supergirl was promoted to Helper! @kenji was promoted from Helper to Moderator! @Pvm Lord was promoted to Helper! @Syngagel was promoted to Helper! @Typhoon was promoted to Moderator! @Sogn was promoted to Helper!
  9. I’d like to order one aswell. Further discussion can be forwarded into Discord: Hc Cooni#7874
  10. Looks dope! Keep it up my man.
  11. I suggest centerizing the topic to look a bit more appealing. It may be only my two cents. Anyways lovely event idea!
  12. Typhoon


    Hey, and welcome to the ManicRSPS. Seems like we are both quite new in here, could share some tips & tricks. Good luck with your adventure and hope you enjoy in Manic.
  13. Typhoon

    Hc Cooni

    Yo. What’s good? My name is Nico, and I’m 22 years old Finnish lad. I currently enjoy the server, and forums are neat. Looking forward to meet everyone, and have a great chat with you guys. My personal main goal in here is to promote forum activity, and give everyone assistance on how to use forums. I also want to host some baller events for this amazing community we have. I made an official Instagram page for ManicRSPS, and am looking to host weekly bigger events there where only followers can participate. If interested getting rich, check out instagram.com/manicrsps Cya guys, have a good one and may the RNG be with you.
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