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  1. So much better without Logitec. No offense lol. Keep it up brothers
  2. Yeah thanks for credits
  3. Looks clean brother.
  4. Thank you for your effort! Looking good my man!
  5. What is up ManicPS! Today we as a team will happily introduce you, The ManicPS Official News Paper. In this newspaper we're going to highlight recent events in ManicPS and provide you with information about recent changes. We will launch this as a biweekly action on the forums, but will surely make it weekly if there is more demand. Our team is working their best effort to produce this paper on time and strive for this newspaper to be amazing read every time we post it. Hopefully you enjoy the first one, since there is many more to come! Hey Manic people! So this Newspapers staff updates aren't the greatest (judging by the amount) nor the smallest (meanings). Why so might you be asking? Well, because we created and implented our new and spectacular (if i may say) NEWS TEAM. We got a few sexy staff updates, which are: News Team @logitec Did not get a promotion, but got one more responsibility, Starting the News Team as one of the News Team managers. Logitec has been working well on forums for quite a while, and this was definitely deserved! @Cyclone Did not get a promotion, only one more title, one of the News Team editors @Typhoon Expanded his forum responsibilities from Forum Moderator to Forums Moderator, News Team manager and Editor @Mirage Joined the forum team as one of the most crucial parts of the News Team, gaining the task of Chief Editor and gfx artist @inocentes This boy went from player, to a catchy News Team report and editor In-Game: @Sogn, Support He has done a wonderful job in-game By dedicating his free-time to help in-game and being an amazing person. Sogn got very recently promoted to helper, which is very well deserved. We as a News team want to wish you the best of luck with your new and important responsibility! @HoeNinja, Support Hoeninja has been helping in-game for a long time already, and with that said he very well deserved his position as a Helper. Hoeninja is very valuable asset to the team, and we as a News team want to wish you the best of luck with your new and important responsibility! @dave269, Support Dave has been dedicating hours after hours helping whoever was in need of help. He has been very helpful and active member of the community for quite some time, and thats why he got gifted his Helper rank! We as a News team want to wish you the best of luck with your new and important responsibility! Then we sadly have few demotions. Most of these people were demoted because of their inactivity, and we are sure going to miss them, and hope to see them once again logging into Manic.  Fenrir - From Moderator Nissi Spirit - From Moderator Ravel - From Moderator VonWeasel - From Moderator Astroboy - From Moderator Teh kings - From Moderator We like to welcome @redaeran to Manic! We warmly welcome @Typhoon to Manic! We welcome @Aegon to Manic! We warmly introduce @Mirage to Manic! We like to welcome back @inocentes to Manic! Will we get a completely new and customized home area? The first ever interviewed person in the brand new News Paper is our much loved Administrator @albinokiwi! Our News team designed those questions specifically for him, and he answered them with passion. If you want to see someone being interviewed, feel free to suggest any name you want, and we will happily make it happen! How did you find out Manic ? Pretty lame answer honestly, but I was looking for an older-looking server quite a while ago, and I found it on one of the top lists. Tried it out, got a couple really nice people that helped me out with some basic stuff, and got hooked. What is your favorite Manic moment ? Hmmmm. I’ve got a couple: one a few weeks long and one a specific moment. First, probably the first two weeks on my Ironman. I started it right after the update first went live and having worked on the update myself it was fun to do the initial racing with others. One specific moment? Getting the first glorious sacri kit when behemoth came out. Do you have any goals within Manic you want to achieve ? As boring as this sounds: max gear. Specifically silenced sigil on the main atm, and my first sacrificial kit on my Ironman atm. If there was one thing on Manic you could change, what would that be ? GPU renderer on the client. I’d leave both render styles for those who truly want the older look, but I do want the option for an OpenGL client. What is your daily motivation to keep working and helping Manic grow ? Hmmm... I enjoy the grind, and it’s kind of gotten to the point of “i've been here for so long, can’t stop now” Whats your motivational phrase ? Hmmm... Honestly life’s not the best right now, so I’ll go with “take it day by day”. Is there anything you'd like to add or let everyone know ? Stay in drugs, don’t do school. /s ManicPS official News first guest for This or That section will be our lovely Administrator @Matias! If you want to see someone answering on This or That section, feel free to suggest any names to the comment section. Weed or Cigarettes ? Cigarettes lol Living poor but with friends or rich but alone ? Poor but with friends Forums or Discord ? Discord (i like both) Sunny or Snowy Sunny Laptop or Desktop ? Desktop Android or iOS iOS Modern design or natural design (on apartment) Natural Club or Bar (raving or chilling) Bar Player of the week is a bi-weekly contest where the most active and professional players get their spotlight. This will be based on the Community input as well as the input of the News Team members. Most active on forums: @Typhoon Most active on discord: @Typhoon Most active ingame: @Matias Most kind: @Earthquake Best staff: @logitec Most respected non-staff: madman1555 Overall Player of the Week: @dave269 We as News Team like to thank everyone for their dedication to Manic. If you'd like to send us some pictures for the Picture of the week, you can send them to @Typhoon or @logitec via forums Private message, or through Discord! Picture provided by Madman1555 If there was anything you could add into a new home area, what would that be? Whoever is the first one to figure out the correct answer for the riddle of the week, will win 100b pure cash! Please leave a comment in the thread with your answer, and if you got the correct answer, @logitec or @Typhoon will Private message you in-game or on discord! I can either be big or small, i happen to come and go, the more you think about this, the greater i become confused. What am i? Managing - @Typhoon, @logitec Grammar Editor - @Typhoon, @logitec Chief Editor - @Mirage Headers - @Mirage Reporters - @inocentes, @Cyclone, @Mirage Editors - @inocentes, @Mirage
  6. Typhoon

    AP TrickZz

    How long have you been playing ManicPS: as long as needed How many hours do you play a day: about 19 hours if not all day First thing is that you completely misunderstood that first question. It asks how long you already played this game. Second question would be: Do you really play this game for 19 hours everyday? How does that work out? Other than that what I mentioned, I think this is too soon. Yesterday I saw you online first time, and I think you’re not ready to take over the role what requires alot of knowledge towards the game.
  7. Typhoon

    Spec's Staff App

    I’m actually a tad bit concerned about the fact you are Moderator on another RSPS. How could you dedicate alot of your free-time helping people out here in Manic, when you have an important role already on another server? I mean it’s good that you have experience but in my honest opinion we need staff members who devotes their time and is willing to help everyone non-stop if that makes sense. Other than that I see you’re quite a mature guy, and maturity is one of the keys of becoming a staff member. I haven’t seen you playing but its because our timezones. I’m staying Neutral about your application right now, and gonna have a chat with some of the members if they can change my mind. Good luck.
  8. Baller lands into Manic! Amazing to see you already been poppin’ active not only on forums but on discord too. Keep up the amazing activity, and as you are really well aware, if you have question hit me up. Hopefully we can work together for long time!
  9. Thank you for the amazing suggestions buddy. Although I’d change Veteran to Legend but I have to agree with all of your suggestions you just mentioned here.
  10. Welcome back to ManicPS friend! Hoping you can have a blast in here and meet all the new faces, try all the new updates you’ve missed. I see you are activating yourself on forums! Please do shoot me a pm on forums or Discord (Hc Cooni#7874) if you’re ever in need of an assistance. Good luck!
  11. UPDATED! @logitec was promoted from Moderator to Administrator! @Supergirl was promoted to Helper! @kenji was promoted from Helper to Moderator! @Pvm Lord was promoted to Helper! @Syngagel was promoted to Helper! @Typhoon was promoted to Moderator! @Sogn was promoted to Helper!
  12. I’d like to order one aswell. Further discussion can be forwarded into Discord: Hc Cooni#7874
  13. Looks dope! Keep it up my man.
  14. I suggest centerizing the topic to look a bit more appealing. It may be only my two cents. Anyways lovely event idea!
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