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  1. I just don't think ::Mz zone need rework, is so cheap so or completely delete this zone, or make it more expensive and more useful. Rest stuff i really love, thanks !
  2. Nice to meet u Mir, and i am really happy, we will work together as a News Team :)!
  3. ^ Yes, Logitec as always good job! But u need to be really rich, or lucky, i used 14 upgrades and still have ring +1. 😞
  4. When this update will be alive on server? Can't wait to go and look this dung somehow and make achievs 🙂
  5. I love wildreness, love to pk, and now finally i know how to kill those bosses. Thank you Super and Logitec for this guide, and see u around wildy 🙂 + pro tip, best way to escape if pker come there, is freeze him and run to kbd lair.
  6. Kitajec

    Dark Realm

    Hi, really nice and detailed guide, but me and few other people have a little idea. It's possible to add or change some drops from Angel's? Shadow torva parts are dead now and just used as a item to make teleport scroll, and it's kinda boring to sit 3-4 hours without single drop, or few 2b's one. Maybe it's possible to add some boxes, or just drops wich we can sell to bill shop? Also about drop ratio's some people (not including me actually) havent got single drop for 500+ kills and drop rate is 1:250, and they had few Shadow torva drops, if that would happend to single person, ok we can call it RNG, but when it happends to few? Overall boss is really nice, armour worth grinding, but at least i feel like we need something more to just press boss once a minute or two, and wish urself a Angel drop cause rest is not worth even attention.
  7. All explained in simple way. Good guide for new and this wich had a break 🙂
  8. Really nice guide, i should try this boss, how about event today? 🙂
  9. Kitajec

    Kitajec shop!

    HI today i've got for sell : Shadow Torva items : - Shield x3 300b - Platebody 150b - Platelegs 150b - Full helm 150b - Shadow tri whip x3 350b Shadow of the Lord Shield 475 Esoteric Staff x3 - 150b Guardian Platebody 350b Guardian Platelegs 350b Icy whip set x2 150b disturb whip 700B Post there, or pm in game - Kitajec, or Discord.
  10. Tittle says everything. Going to overpay for both. Cash/items, ur choose! Pm ingame - Kitajec or on discord.
  11. Good job, i want to see some other videos, maybe from pvm events? Or maybe some tutorials for new players?
  12. , <-- this is my ingame name. Thank you :)!
  13. Kitajec

    How's your day?

    ^ EGX u're crazy with mining 10k rune ores :O. My day was fine, won pvm event, and now trying to win another one 🙂
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