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  1. appreciate yal, i would just like to say i feel like i would be the most active choice being i am on at all kinds of hours of the day an night everyday. Like i am pretty well active so i can be a reliable member because i stay active. Only few circumstances i have not been on but im regularly on everyday. So active wise is not an issue nor would being removed for inactivity. Always supported the server always will.
  2. In-game name: Skeeter813 What is your timezone: Eastern standered time How long have you been playing ManicPS: Quite a while 4-5 months maybe a little longer been so long i forget (i know forum says joined April 1st but i forgot my old forum login had to make new) How many hours do you play a day: As much as i can spread through the day into the night. Collectively 10-16 hrs Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why) Nope not once Do you have any staff experience: Sadly not but i am sure i can learn quick. Do you have discord: Yes Do you have a working microphone: Yes What languages do you speak: English, Spanish, Italian, French. Why should we accept you: (50 words minimum) Been around a long time, i know the community pretty well. I know all about the server and what goes on. Have been a loyal player since i started. Staff seems too like me never had any negatives. I do what i can for the community and always help even not being staff be it questions or what ever. I am on all hours of the day into the night as well. I feel like after playing for so long it is time i could try to do more be it i get accepted. I know i do not have experience but quick learning is what i do. I'd like to be either helper or mod i feel i would do great with either an am willing to prove it (not to blow my own horn). Am all around active player with lots of experience in this server. If accepted i just want to say i appreciate all staff for what you do! The hard work an dedication pays off so thank you very much at doing it the best! An i appreciate the opportunity if accepted thank you, Skeeter813. ps forum rank is wrong it should be supreme lol ;).
  3. in game name skeeter813 i am supreme donor now not legendary please an thank you
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