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    DTD Bosses

    Thanks for adding "yes" to prince 😛 I just hit 15th prestige today so was about to see.
  2. Papi C

    DTD Bosses

    Kalphite Queen: Yes King Black Dragon: Yes Chaos Elemental: Yes Dagg Rex: Yes Dagg Supreme: Yes Dagg Prime: Yes Barrelchest: Yes K'ril Tsutaroth: Yes General Graardor: Yes Cdr. Zilyana: Yes Kree'arra: Yes Nomad: Yes Revenants: Yes Tormented Demons: Yes Corporeal Beast: Yes Baby Corp: Yes Ice Strykewyrm: Yes Desert Strykewyrm: Yes Jungle Strykewyrm: Yes Jad: Yes Bork: Yes The Grim Reaper: Yes Ket-Zek: Yes Rammernaut: Yes Giant Sea Snake: Yes Necromancer: Yes Glod: Yes Ice Demons: Yes Fire Marshal: Yes Skeleton Warlord: No Ice Queen: Yes Prince of Darkness: Yes Giant Mole: Yes Fareed: Yes Zombie King: Yes Black Knight Titan: Yes Jungle Demon: Yes Tree Spirit: Yes Penance Queen: Yes Astea Frostweb: Yes Mutant Tarn: Yes Harambe: Yes Phoenix: Yes Slash Bash: No The Inadequacy: Yes The Owner: No Behemoth: No Demonic Gorillas: No M.O.I.: No
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