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  1. In-game name: Sh4de What is your timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) How long have you been playing ManicPS: About a month How many hours do you play a day: 4-6 I even downloaded the client at work to play XD Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why) Nope Do you have any staff experience: Yes, I was staff on 2 smaller servers, Moderator on one and Helper on another, I wont mention names. Do you have discord: Yeah I'm a booster:) Do you have a working microphone: Yeah, Studio Quality Mic What languages do you speak: English/Frenchish Why should we accept you: (50 words minimum) I believe I should be accepted to the staff team for no other reason than I love the server itself, I help out as much as I see its needed, Help out new players with some better quality gear, & I have a pretty decent grasp on how the game itself works, I'm still working on prices but game knowledge is a given to me. I've brought a couple of players, like Lt angels back in the day when treus was released whos still active, Danny9 ingame now whos a great player himself. I want to help out the community as much as possible so hopefully I'm in your thoughts:D Love ya Earth, & The rest of the team K3
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