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Found 1 result

  1. Manic Official Price Guide :: Hello Maniacs! Let me introduce to you the New Official Price Guide :: :: I'm posting only the most relevant items in game :: Use: Ctrl+F to find out your item p.d: Let me know in comments below which items i am missing to add them as soon as possible NPC's Bandos Avatar Torva 500m each piece Virtus 500m each piece Pernix 500m each piece Sacrifical upgrade Kit 150-200b Chaos Elemental Legendary Wolf Chaps 2b Primal Kiteshield 200m Gorgonite Maul 150m-200m Dragon Platebody 50m-75m Primal Kiteshield 100m-150m Flameburst Defender 100m Vampyre's Aurora 400-500b Demonic Gorillas Ruby Torva 5b-6b set Sapphire Torva 5b-6b set Gold Torva 5b-6b set Purple Torva 5b-6b set Ballista Part 5b-6b each Eso Heart 45b+ Kalphite Queen Dragon Slayer Gloves 2b Kalphite Scythe 1b Kalphite upgrade scroll 30b Barrelchest Vesta Longsword 100m Status Warhammer 75m Vesta Spear 75m Anchor of glory 200m-300m Primal Battleaxe 1b-1.5B Zamorak Boss Blood Torva Full Helm 6b-7b Blood Torva Platelegs 6b-7b Blood Torva Platebody 6b-7b Zamorak Godsword 75m Zamorakian Spear 30m Death Cape 40b General Graardor Bandos Boots 30m Bandos Chestplate 100m-150m Bandos Tassets 100m-150m Bandos Godsword 75m Saradomin Boss Saradomin Sword 50m-75m Saradomin Godsword 100m-150m Angel Death Cape 40b Armadyl Boss Armadyl Helmet 50m-75m Armadyl Chestplate 50m-75m Armadyl Chainskirt 50m-75m Armadyl Godsword 250m-300m Eagle Cape 60b Tormented Demons Ruined Dragon Armour Lump 30m Ruined Dragon Armour Slice 30m Ruined Dragon Armour Shard 30m Dragon Claws 200-250m Red Fire Cape 2b-3b Corporeal Beast Holy Elixir 10b Arcane Sigil 150m Spectral Sigil 250m Elysian Sigil 350m Divine Sigil 500m Spirit Shield 2b Champion's Curse 75b Nomad Primal Dagger 150m Ganodermic Visor 1b Ganodermic Top 1b Ganodermic Bottom 1b Leaf-bladed Sword 45m-50m Leaf-bladed Spear 45m-50m Jungle Strykewyrm Poison The Enemy 35b Jad Inferno Cape 5b-6b Bork Legendary Wolf Cowl 2b Dragon'hai Hat 20m-30m Dragon'hai Robe Top 20m-30m Dragon'hai Robe Bottom 20m-30m Third-age Druidic Staff 75m-100m Third-age Druidic Cloak 75m-100m Third-age Druidic Robe Top 75m-100m Third-age Druidic Robe Top 75m-100m Third-age Druidic Wreath 75m-100m Xanax Crossbow 60m-70m 420 Axe 250b The Grim Reaper Scythe 40m-50m Grim Reaper Hood 40m-50m Swift Fury 60m-80m Ket-Zek (Prestige 7) Obsidian Gloves 250m-300m Obsidian Body-Plate 250m-300m Obsidian Leg Armour 250m-300m Hailstorm Dagger 8b Blood Necklace 1b The Fire Marshal F.M. Gloves 150m-200m F.M. Ring 100m-120m Fire Marshal Staff 400m-500m Ice Queen Icy Santa Hat 4b-5b Icy Whip 30b Whip of Rejuvenation 10b Icy Dragon Pieces 125-150b Prince of Darkness (Prestige 15) Wand of the Underworld 60b God's Monocle 60b Rammernaut Steadfast Boots 5b Ragefire Boots 250m-300m Glaiven Boots 250m-300m Promethium Maul 300m-400m Giant Sea Snake Toxic Staff of the dead 1b Toxic Blowpipe 600m-700m Serpent's Luck 500b+ Necromancer Necromancer's Steam Staff 2b Helm of Darkness 6b-8b Platebody of Darkness 6b-8b Platelegs of Darkness 6b-8b Boots of Darkness 6-8b Wings of Darkness 10b-12b Gloves of Darkness 250b+ Glod Legendary Wolf body 15b Nex pces 500m ea Ice Mountain Demon Hexhunter Bow 200m-250m The Ghostbuster 150m Frosty Torva Gloves 1b-2b Frosty Torva Boots 1b-2b Frosty Tokhaar-Kal 3b-4b Frosty Torva Full Helm 5b-6b Frosty Longsword 8b-9b Frosty Torva Platelegs 5b-6b Frosty Torva Platebody 5b-6b Frosty Shield 8b-9b Bow Sight 9b-10b Tank God 50b Skeletal Warlord Ring of 100 Prayer 1b-2b Icydeath Full Helm 2b Icydeath Platebody 2b Icydeath Platelegs 2b Destructive Torva Full Helm 5b Destructive Torva Platebody 5b Destructive Torva Platelegs 5b Knightmare20 Full Helm 7b Knightmare20 Platebody 7b Knightmare20 Platelegs 7b Knightmare20 Boots 5b Korasi Sword 7b Drygore mace 1b Skeletal Gloves 900m-1b Drygore Rapier 2b Skeletal Boots 900m-1b Drygore Longsword 1b Purple Sweets 50m-75m each Skeletal Bottoms 900m-1b Skeletal Top 900m-1b Skeletal Helm 900m-1b Mole Black Mask 100m-150m Gold Boots 50m Zaryte Bow 600m Rainbow Warrior Helm 400m Rainbow Warrior Platebody 400m Rainbow Warrior Platelegs 400m The Handed Scroll 100b Fareed Lava Platebody 150m-200m Lava Platelegs 150m-200m Lava Full Helm 150m-200m Lava Boots 150m-200m Lava Gloves 150m-200m Lava Scimitar 500-600m Zombie King Zombie Chainbody 80m-100m Zombie Platelegs 80m-100m Zombie Gloves 1b Zombie Boots 80m-100m Black Knight Titan Treasonous Ring 100m Tyrannical Ring 100m Black Crystal Bow 2b Trident Of the Seas 450m-550m Jungle Demon Silverlight 450m-550m Darklight 450m-550m Tree Spirit Splitbark Top 80m-100m Splitbark Legs 80m-100m Splitbark Gloves 80m-100m Splitbark Boots 80m-100m Elder Wand 500m Spirit Monocole 500m Amulet of Might 5b Penance Queen Yin-Yang Amulet 1-2b Akrisae's Hood 5b Akrisae's Robe Top 5b Akrisae's Bottom 5b Akrisae's Mace  5b Astea Frostweb Ice Diamond 10m Frost-Mage Hood 450m-500m Frost-Mage Top 450m-500m Frost-Mage Bottoms 450m-500m Staff of Frost 1-2b Tome Of Frost 5b Amulet of Frost 450m-500m Purple Fire Cape 5b-6b Mutant Tarn Amulet of Ranging 400m-650m Mutant Crossbow 800b-1t Mutant Spiky Vambraces 150m-175m Harambe Monkey Nuts 10m-15m Gorilla Mask 300m-450m Phoenix Legendary Wolf Bow 50b Fireblood Rapier 25b-30b Wilderness Badge 8b-10b Dismal Torva Full Helm 7bb Dismal Torva Platebody 7b Dismal Torva Platelegs 7b The Owner Dbz Torva Helm 9b-10b Dbz Torva Wings 9b-10b Dbz Torva Platebody 9b-10b Dbz Torva Platelegs 9b-10b Dbz Torva Boots 9b-10b Dbz Torva Gloves 9b-10b 14k Torva Full Helm 9b 14k Torva Wings 50b 14k Torva Platebody 9b 14k Torva Platelegs 9b 14k Torva Shield 9b-10b Tiger Rapier 25b-30b Tiger Platebody 25b-30b Tiger Platelegs 25b-30b Tiger Kiteshield 25b-30b Tiger Gloves 25b-30b Tiger Boots 25b-30b Tiger Full Helm 25b-30b Tiger Cape 25b-30b Tiger Amulet 25b-30b Tiger Rapier 25b-30b Balance Elemental Primal Chainbody 100m-150m Primal Boots 15b+ Primal Gauntlets 500m-600m Elemental Whip 90m Elemental Shield 50m Avatar of Destruction Chaotic Rapier 500m Chaotic Longsword 400m Chaotic Maul 500m Chaotic Staff 500-1b Chaotic Crossbow 500-1b Primal Warhammer 700m-800m Primal 2H Sword 700m-800m Arcane Stream Necklace 400m-450m Chaotic Kiteshield 200-300m Eagle-Eye Kiteshield 200-300m Farseer Kiteshield 200-300m Sea Troll Queen Third Age Full Helm 200m-250m Third Age Platebody 200m-250m Third Age Platelegs 200m-250m Third Age Kiteshield 200m-250m Third Age Range Coif 150m-175m Third Age Range Top 150m-175m Third Age Range Legs 150m-175m Third Age Range Vambraces 150m-175m Third Age Mage Hat 150m-175m Third Age Robe Top 150m-175m Third Age Robe Bottoms 150m-175m Third Age Amulet 150m-175m Miscreation of Ice Lime Sentinel Set 20b Warden Set 25b-35b Codeine King Set 20b Sun God Set Untradable Barrows Barrows pieces 6m-7m Barrows pet 200-300b PVP Armor* (Zuriel, Morrigan, Vesta, Statius) 100m-150m Mystery Box 150-200m Super Mystery Box 250m-300m Legendary Mystery Box 400m-450m Magic Secateurs 2b-3b New Crystal Shield 20m-30m Dragon Platebody 50m Draconic Visage 100m-150m Amulet of Fury 12m-15m Dragonfire Shield 150m-160m Dark Bow 15m Abyssal Whip 20m-25m Dragon Boots (red) 150m-160m Guthix Dungeon Maul of Infinity 350m-400m Frostbitten Blade 600-700m Esoteric Staff 150-200b Treus Esoteric body 20b Esoteric bottoms 20b Esoteric gloves 15b Esoteric boots 15b Eternal Gem 50b-60b Royal shield of ranging 25-30b Merlin's shield 100-150b Boots of momentum 15-25b Immortal Cape 200b Royal Martin Pieces 2b ea Inferno Gloves 125b-150b Inferno Boots 90-100b Donation Points Shop Regular Rank 140b Super Donor Rank 225b Legendary Donor Rank 400b Supreme Donor Rank 750b Divine Donor Rank 1.1-1.5t Rainbow Partyhat 5b-8b Black Partyhat 15b-20b Black Santa Hat 15b-20b Black h'ween mask 15b-20b Legendary Ring of Wealth 10-15b Super Ring of Wealth 6-8b Ring of Wealth 10m Ring of Critical Melee 3-5b Double Xp Ring 20b 99 Xp lamp 1b Deathtouched dart 500m D00m Spirit Shield 5b K.B.D Summoner Helm 1.3-1.5t Berserker Set 150b Katana of Underword 30b-40b Whip of Destruction 50b Disturbed Whip 800-1t Assasination Set 300b-325b Aqualord Box 20b-30b Loudpurp Box 20b-30b Melting Box 20b-30b Magma box 40b-50b Bluedream Box 3-4t Icy Dragon Helm 200b Icy Dragon Platebody 200b Icy Dragon Platelegs 200b Aqualord set 180b-200b Loudpurp Set 150b-155b Melting Set 230b-250b Primal Full Helm 80b-90b Primal Platebody 80b-90b Primal Platelegs 600-800b Enraged Dharok's Helm 2-4b Enraged Dharok's Platebody 2-4b Enraged Dharok's Platelegs 2-4b Donation Baller Shop Sword of Resurrection 10-12t Minigun 400-500b Tri whip 450-500B Gloves of Silence 3t Drop boost cape 5t Dragon Cape 40b Godly Platebody 1t+ Godly Platelegs 75b-80b Godly Cape 180b-190b Godly Gloves 30b-40b Godly Boots 30b-40b Haze Torva Helm 15b Haze Torva Platebody 15b Haze Torva Platelegs 15b Cold Empeor Set 3-4t Pet Glod 300-500b Gift of Darkness 40b-50b Toxic Torva Helm 25b Toxic Torva Platebody 25b Toxic Torva Platelegs 25b Blessed Crossbow 2.5-3t Disturbed Whip Gloves 650b+ Elder Mage Set 1-1.2t Vote Points Shop Holiday Cracker 200m-300m Ragefire Spirit Shield 3b-4b Plasma Spirit Shield 8b-10b Gold Gloves 450m-500m Crystal Shield of Destiny 600m-700m Golden K.B.D Helm 25b Overload Making Scroll 700m-800m Mysterious Vote Reward 200m-300m 250k xp lamp 100m-150m Book of legends 350m-450m Book of Immortality 350m-450m The Gift of Rage 350m-400m Cape of Legends 250m-300m Lava Defender 300m-450m Tokhaar-Kal 350m-450m Dragon Defender 50m-80m Grain 150m-350m Fox 550m-600m Sled 350m-500m Empowered Bow of (Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix) 500m-700m Brawling Gloves 50m-75m Barbed Sword 2b-3b Twisted Staff 3b-5b Bounty Bow 10b-13b Martian pieces 20b-25b Teddy Bear 650m-700m Colored Dragon Boots 500m + Colored Dragonfire Shield 500m+ Others Items Icy Whip Gloves 130b Red Wings 9b-10b Purple Wings 9b-10b Cyan Wings 9b-10b Yellow Wings 9b-10b Green Wings 9b-10b Weedgod Cape 200-250b Vote Tickets 1b ea Customs Party Hats 500m-1b Customs H'weens 500m-1b Glorious Sacrifical Kit 500b+ Imperial Hood 30b Imperial body 30b Imperial Legs 30b Shadow Torva Helm 150-175b Shadow Torva Platebody 150-175b Shadow Torva Platelegs 150-175b Shadow Torva Boots 175-200b Shadow Torva Whip 350b Shadow Torva shield 350b+ Iron Man Set 80b-100b Corrupted Drygore mace 5b Corrupted Off-hand Drygore Longsword 500b+ Corrupted Drygore rapier 10b Wyvern Wings 10b Lightning Dragon helmet 5b Lightning Dragon platebody 5b Lightning Dragon platelegs 5b Barbed_Sword 1b-2b Bounty_bow 15b-25b Tusk_platebody 3b-4b Tusk_platelegs 3b-4b Martian_platebody 30b-35b Martian_platelegs 30b-35b Martian_full_helm 30b-35b Deathly_platebody 2b Deathly_platelegs 2b Deathly_full_helm 2b Kbd_katana 250m-275m Wieldable Man 200m-300m Scythe of Darkness 500m Rapier of Death 15b Legendary Wolf_cowl 2b Legendary Wolf_body 15b Legendary Wolf_chaps 2b Legendary Wolf bow 50b Frostbitten Blade 600m Maul of Infinity 350m-400m Esoteric Staff 150-200b Soulreaper Cape 2t Guardian Full Helm 325b Guardian Platelegs 325b Guardian Platebody 325b Relic blade 1b-2b Demonic shield 30b+ Christmas_Scythe 150m-250m Sword of Venom 15b Staff of Conjuring 10b Duel Swords 20b Ghostly Torva_full_helm 70b-75b Ghostly Torva_platebody 70b-75b Ghostly Torva_platelegs 70b-75b Celestial Martian_platebody 2b Celestial Martian_platelegs 2b Celestial Martian_full_helm 2b Frenzy whip 80b Fenzy Rapier 120b+ Fenzy Maul 80b Fenzy Crossbow 110b Evil_Primal_platelegs 7b Evil_Primal_platebody 7b Evil_Primal_full_helm 7b Amulet of Valor 10b Bow of oblivion 8-10b Dragonchaos pieces 5b-6b Infinity blade 15b Viserion Dungeon Viserion Box 40-50b Max Hit Sigil 500b+ Devious set 5t Visionary set 7t Ethereal set 5t Instanced Dungeon KBD Torva Platebody n Platelegs 6-8t Guardian set 1t Gelatinnoth Minigame Marksmen set 600b+ Shaman set 600b+ Warlord set 1t Newer Boss Drops Kalphite glove upgrade 30b Food Pouch 40-50b Food pouch upgrade 80-100b Juggernaut perk 30b Icy Katana 30-40b Magic Carpet 50b 420 axe 250b Pet reaper summon 500b Serpents luck 500b+ Critical Knowledge 100b Quietus set 4-5t Blood dragon set 900-1t Spellcaster's Elixir 200b Hardened Scroll 100b Scroll of incineration 300-400b Scroll of the undead 500b Jungle Frenzy 600b+ Mystical Knowledge 20b Boxing gloves 5-15b (varies with rarity) Anger upgrade kit 10-15b Reviled set 3-4t Lava jester set 800-900b Purple Gano set 6-7t Monarch cape 8-10t Diamond set 3-4t Ring of wonders 2t (base) Ring of wonders (full) 10-11t Collectors necklace 500b(base) Collectors necklace (hda) 10-11t Vigilante set 4t Deadeye, Illusionist, Combatant 250-350b Blood justicar 1.5t+ Boots of silence 5t
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