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Updates of 11/11/2018 - King of the Wilderness

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The concept behind the King of the Wilderness update is to spice both PVM and PVP up with the true ruler of the wilderness, This will be a competitive item to obtain and maintain. If you are the lucky one to obtain the crown listed below are the effects of the Wilderness Crown.


When you have the Crown of the Wilderness:

* Permanent skull until the King is slain or leaves the wild

* Permanent teleblock until the King leaves the wild

* Leaving wild or logging out with the crown sends it back to it's spawn

King of the Wilderness Crown perks:

* Operate crown to refill special attack with 3-5 minute cool down

* 139 is the max HP with the crown of the wild

* 5% damage boost in PvP

* Weaken npc's attacks by 25% within the wild

* Increased E.P. gain speed by 15%

* Increase chance at wilderness keys by 5%

Some special things to take note:

* After someone dies the crown spawns in 2 hours

* Crown takes 2 hrs to spawn after server restarts


"If every fool wore the crown, we would all be Kings" 


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