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Updates of 11/25/2018 - Barrows Pets Minigame

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Hello Manic!

Today we bring to you a new expansion to pets!








Mother Goose and I have heard you out and we decided to start the introduction of custom pets at barrows, as I stated these pets are custom so what else to do but give them custom effects?


Veracs pet sets prayer to 99 every 1min and 30 sec

Dharoks pet boosts melee damage by 5%

Guthans pet boosts the effects of soulsplit by 5%

Torags pet increases resistance to ALL damage by 5%

Ahrims pet heals you to full health every 1.5 minutes

Karils pet increases amount of bolt special attacks

.::The Minigame::.

All barrows brother will drop 100 barrows coins


which can be used at the wise old man to purchase your pet, each pet is 200K coins.

If you are lazy and willing to sacrifice 25K coins you can get the magnet! 



Any suggestions please post down below and we are more than willing to implement good ideas!

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karils, ahrims, and veracs pet effects are memes.

Get any of the others and you will forget the others even existed. 

Aka... Buff them


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Karil effect is not a meme. Ruby bolt specials are a force to be reckoned with. Ahrims and Verac can be useful if you don't own a disturbed whip or for bosses where longetivity is valued.

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