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Player Owned Shop Guide

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First of all you must be at home to be able to edit your shop and use other people's player owned shops.

To begin editing your shop simply type ::shop and press enter


You will be shown this window but it will most likely be empty for you.

To add items right click an item in your inventory and click Sell


It will open a text box to type in the price of the item


Now to remove items from your shop first type in ::shop and right click the item you want to remove and click buy it will not take money since it's already yours


Now also to access someone else's shop to buy their items right click the person and click View Shop


It will open up the same screen as your shop but with their items, to buy simply right click and click buy with money in your inventory.



  • The maximum you can sell an item for is 2147483647 or 2147m
  • The maximum amount of items you can have in your player shop is 10
  • Noted and Unnoted versions of a given item will not stack together as one (I.E: Lobster and Noted Lobster will not stack together)


What if I have an item worth over 2147m?

You would then use the bil shop!

You can reach the shop by typing ::billshop and collect all profits with ::collectbills


It works the same way the normal shop does but when you are entering in your price you would enter the amount of bil tickets you want to sell it for.

For Example: If I wanted to sell an esoteric staff for 30 billion coins, I would open up ::billshop and right click on the staff in my inventory and select sell 1.



Then I would type 30 (representing the 30 bil tickets) and enter.



That's it! The item is listed and buyers can purchase for 30 bil tickets (30 billion gp).




HOW TO BUY ITEMS FROM Player Owned Shops

Head to ::home and type ::search to open up a search dialogue


Enter in the name of the item you are looking to buy. For example let's look for torva platebody


Then the list of items and sellers will appear with their respective prices


Some players are selling for bil tickets (from their bil shop) and others are selling for gp (from their normal shop)

Once you have found the item at the price you want, click on the link to be sent to that player's shop


Purchase the item by right clicking and having the required bil tickets or gp in your inventory

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