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New Zombie Minigame - mystery box at the end

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So we are doing a new zombie wave minigame. 16 waves of zombies that use venom on you. we need to know from the player's what kind of itemr ewards would you like to see in the mystery box also how would you like thius mystery box to function? Its very possible with your feedback these updates are pushed out tonight. This will be a minigame doable by most players.




zombie minigame

slay all 16 waves to acquire zombie torva with built in degradable godemode aslong as you wear the zombie mechanism with the set

zombie torva is untradable

time how long the average game takes

1st zombie match gives the armor set and gold then sets boolean to true as in got armor set

next match will only provide gold and zombie tokens

add zombie mechanism and textured donor boxes to zombie reward shop

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