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Updates of 12/22/2018 - The Viserion Dungeon

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Today we have some exclusive updates out for all of you to enjoy.

New features ranging from item lending, vote shop updates, and even a brand new Dungeon that has End Game Gear.

Say What!? That's right. Updates for today are content packed and will be loved by the players, this is guaranteed.

Let's swing into things and get started on finer details of our amazing update.


You will notice a new item lending window that pops up on our trade interface.

To lend items, right click an item in your inventory and click lend.

From there, you can right click the item in the lending box to access the ability to adjust

how many hours (1-24) the item may be lent out.



New extremely powerful Items have been added to vote shop & so has nex items for beginners.

Let's also not forget the all powerful weed god cape with built in god-mode is now an available

voting reward!


The Sword of the Kings, previously a Co-Owner's Weapon is now 20k vote points.


Sword of the Kings in Battle:


Oreo Set


Oreo Set in Battle:


It is now time we move on to:


Let's start off by...

Speaking to the Viserion Dungeon Coordinator at home.


What is the Viserion Dungeon:


Accessing the Dungeon:


Obtaining the Valerion Dungeon teleport simply

gives you the tab to access the dungeon for 15 hours.

The time stops ticking on logout. 1,000 Viserion Souls

can be clicked to create a Viserion Dungeon Teleport.

How else do I obtain Viserion Souls?

NPCs with...

500-1000 HP have a 1/150 drop chance at 25 souls

1000-2000 HP have a 1/100 drop chance at 50 souls

2000+ HP have a 1/75 drop chance at 100 souls


To sum things up, you need to pay to enter the dungeon or acquire

enough souls to convert into a teleport tab to the dungeon.

Upon entering Dungeon...

your teleportation tab is deleted but you gain a new useful item.


The scroll can be used to teleport back into the dungeon if you leave it


the scroll let's you check how much time you have left to be in the dungeon.

Here we are, finally inside the dungeon!


Each Boss has the potential to provide a mystery box which can possibly give you the next tier Armour set for the combat class of the boss OR you can get the next tier Armour sets as very rare drops. Nonetheless I will provide the drop rates now.

Lord of Shadows Drop Table (Melee Boss):


Next Tier Melee Set (Visionary Full Set):


Scabaras ranger Drop Table (Range Boss):


Next Tier Range Set (Devious Full Set):


Flambeed Drop Table (Mage Boss):


Next Tier Mage Set (Ethereal full set):


What are Viserion Boxes?

Viserion boxes contain the following loot:




1/6 - dygore rapier

1/8 - rapier of death

1/12 - valor ammy

1/14 - lrow


1/16 - dismal

1/22 - haze

1/26 - loud purple

1/32 - 1/32 frow


1/75 - minigun

Ultra Rare:

1/350 - Armour set according to boss 

Armour Set Details:

Melee Boss = Melee Set Reward (Visionary Armour w/ Visionary Maul)

Mage Boss = Mage Set Reward (Devious Armour w/ Devious Ballista)

Range Boss = Mage Set Reward (Ethereal Armour w/ Ethereal Staff)

These boxes drop: 1 in 75 chance!

That is it for now, thanks for reading!

Brought to you by:

The Manic Team & Mother Goose

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