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Updates of 12/27/2018 - Boxes, Collector's Necklace, & New Minigun

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Hello Manic! We have an incredible update here for you today so let's dive in.

First, we have the addition of the Collector'Amulet!

This item was inspired by a player suggestion and was improved upon by the staff.

You can purchase the new Necklace of Collecting at the baller shop and it grabs all drops during PvM and puts them safely to your inventory!


You can upgrade the necklace all the way to the Collector's Necklace (HDA) which has:

improved stats, can deposit PvM drops to the bank, gives attack speed bonuses, drop rate boosts and healing power!


Read all about the process and specifics here:


Next, let's roll into a revamp of Mystery Boxes!

The new boxes are called the Mk-Ultra and 2k19 boxes!

They always give bill tickets and have the chance to get some incredible rare armour and gear such as the Shadow Torva armour set and Champion's Curse!


These boxes can be obtained through the Donation shop or through in-game bosses!

Rates for PvM Drops:

Monsters 500-1000 HP: 1 in 250

Monsters 1000-2000 HP: 1 in 175

Monsters 2000+ HP: 1 in 125


Read all about the specifics of each box and all the gear you can win!



Next, we have the addition of Pet Mystery Boxes!

Now you can have your favorite Manic boss follow you around into combat.

Any boss from King Black Dragon to the massive Gluttonous Behemoth can be obtained!

These boxes can be purchased from the Donation store and guarantee you a pet!

Check out the full list here:



Lastly, we have a kickass new weapon available:

The Malicious Activity  


Check it out in action!

Animated GIF

It can be purchased on the second page of the Donation shop found at home!


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Nice update Justeeeen and Quake, you guys are seriously making this serv SO MUCH BETTER. I never thought I'd enjoy it more than I did previously, but you guys keep outdoing yourself, WELL DONE. 

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