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Updates of 01/02/2019 Sacrificial Armour Update

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Hey Manic! We have an amazing free to play update for everyone to enjoy!

The incredible Sacrificial Armour set can now be obtained completely in game!

Here is some more information about what the sacrificial set is, but essentially it is one of the strongest and hardest hitting armour sets in Manic!



So, before some of the best in slot items used for the sacrificial armour set used to be only available in the baller shop or donation shop. 

Now you can battle waves of bosses in the the Raids Minigame to get them!


Rates are as follows:

Tri whip: 65000 Raid Points

KBD Summoner Helm: 80000 Raid Points

Godly Platebody: 60000 Raid Points

Primal Platelegs: 20000 Raid Points


Checkout this guide for more information on how to play the Raids Minigame to get this incredible gear!



In other news, we have fully fixed the lending system!

Feel free to lend out your weapons to fellow players as we have implemented a few interface system to ensure there are no issues.


Last item is a great quality of life update!

You can now ctrl + V into the client!

This can help you streamline the voting process to paste all of your auth codes into the client to redeem them!




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