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Gelatinnoth Minigame

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You can start the minigame at home by speaking with the Gelatinnoth Miner


Purchase the Gelatinnoth Pickaxe from him for 50 Bill tickets and then fight some bosses to receive a Gelatinnoth Skilling Tab!

Once you have your tab and pickaxe, break the tab to go to the skilling zone.


Mine the Sapphire pile, Ruby pile and Emerald pile until you receive the Gelatinnoth Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald!


Use the gems on each other to create a Gelatinnoth Chamber Tab which brings you to the bossing portion of the minigame!



Blue Gelatinnoth is only weak to range

Red Gelatinnoth is only weak to mage

Green Gelatinnoth is only weak to melee


You cannot use soulsplit here in the dungeon, bank or use overpowered items.


Once you kill the individual Gelatinnoth, you will recieve the respective Tokens relative to their style. 

Each type of Gelatinnoth shares the same drop table besides the individual tokens:




You have two options:

Gather 3 tokens of the same type and roll for a chance to get an armour piece of the new set and pet.


Gather 3 tokens of each style and fight the

White Mother Gelatinnoth!


If you decide to fight the White Mother head to Postie Pete at the start of the cave


You will be teleported to the White Mother Zone and are granted 3 total kills before you must use another skilling tab and repeat the minigame 


The White Mother drops a Gelatinnoth Box 100% of the time with the following rewards:




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