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Updates of 01/17/2019 Improvements and Fixes

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Hello Manic! We have a great update in store for today. 


To start with, we slashed all prices on NPC shops in game!

Check out the full list of shops impacted:

Vote Shop

Loyalty Shop

Slayer Shop

Achievement Shop

Prestige Shop

Zombie Shop

PvP Shop

Annihilation Shop



Additionally, we have updated some of your favorite minigames!

Warrior's Guild 2.0:

Halved the Cyclops Hitpoints

PvM Chests

Made the rare items like the Rapier of Death and Sword of Venom more common! 

We also replaced the gold rewards with Annihilation points ranging from 2,000-5,000 each chest opened!

Guthix Dungeon

Reduced the amount of Godly Icefiend kills required to 50

Reduced the amount of BloodChiller kills required to 150

Reduced the amount of Guthix Tickets required to kill King Rammernaut to 150



As the last part of the update, we have developed a new incredible hybrid armour set!

Here is a exclusive look at a new armour setup called the Diamond Set inspired by the Gelatinnoth Minigame!


It holds the stats of all of the Gelatinnoth Minigame sets combined!

Additionally it provides some incredible set effects such as:

20% Damage Boost for ALL Combat styles

3.00x Global Rate Drop Boost

PLUS an additional 15% Drop Rate Boost

in the Gelatinnoth Minigame Dungeon

Hitpoints Boost to 139 total


Get this new set today!

Stop by the donation store at home to pick it up.

Rates are as follows:

35k Donor Points for Diamond Gloves

35k Donor Points for Diamond Boots

70k Donor Points for Diamond Platelegs

70k Donor Points for Diamond Platebody

70k Donor Points for Diamond Helmet

70k Donor Points for Diamond Cape


Save 12% if you get the Diamond Box

for 300k Donor Points which contains the whole set!


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