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Updates of 02/02/2019 - Ring Enchantment, Sacrificial-X, Blue Lava Torva, & More!

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Hey manic!

Todays update is filled with some great new content.


Ring enchantment

Along with the newly added bill ticket master we've introduced the first upgradable items in the game. 

From now on you can enchant the fighter's ring of wealth, the ring of betrayal and the sacrificial ring up to a maximum of +10 and adding some great new stats along the way to bring the rings to some new heights.

how does it work? 

The newly added bill ticket master, who can be found next to the well of goodwill give you the option to buy the upgrade stones for 10b each, each stone can be used on the ring you desire to enchant in the hope of bringing it one step closer to the final upgrade.







the latest instalment in the upgradeable sacrificial armour set

Sacrificial-x comes with a 25% stat increasement over the normal sacrificial armour set and can be upgraded by using the right click upgrade items option on the newly added bill ticket master

every piece of sacrificial-x can be obtained by upgrading the sacrificial piece of your choice along with 200b cash



Blue lava torva

Newly added to the bill ticket master is the complete blue lava torva set.

The set degrades while in combat and can be completely recharged when it's worn out

The set comes with a 1k strenght and some other op stats, as well as a build in vampyre aurore when you equip the complete set.



Quest tab overhaul

The quest tab has been completely overhauled for your convenience and should provide you a easier way to check all the points you've collected as well as some other information about your account.




upgradeable eclipse amour set

the eclipse set can be upgraded into a total of 4 new armour sets, each tier more powerfull than the previous one.

The initial lava ecilipse set can be purchased at the bill ticket master and can be upgraded all the way to the magma eclipse set, bringing some huge stat increasements along the way.



2 new scratchcards have been added in the game

the grand scratchcard can be purchased at the donation store for 15k donor points and gives you a chance to obtain the newly added 'boots of silence' (with the exact same stats as the gloves of silence)

the mega scratchcard can be purchased at the baller store for 10 baller ticket and gives you a chance to obtain the newly added 'the silenced sigil' (giving you a 15% max hit increase)

Other news:

-The previous discontinued item blade of trinity has been added back in the game and can be won as a rare reward from voting
-Vampyre aurora has been re-added to the gelatinnoth & instanced dungeon, but has been excluded from behemoth
-Soulsplit and any items that can be used to provide the same effects as soulsplit are from now on incompatible with the soul-reaper cape


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