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Updates of 02/09/2019 - Massive Boss Drop Revamp + Bug Fixes

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Hey manic!

we got a brand new content packed update for you today.


Drop table revamps



The brand new lava jester set has been added into the chest of gains that can be obtained when defeating the Gluttonous Behemoth.

This set will play a vital part in the upcoming update so be sure to get your hands on it early on.


Kalphite Queen

The dragon slayer gloves can be upgraded with the brand new kalphite glove upgrade scroll dropped from the Kalphite Queen.

using the kalphite glove upgrade scroll on the dragon slayer gloves will increase the stats on the dragon slayer gloves.



The food pouch can now be upgraded with the brand food pouch ugrade scroll.

The amount of items that can be stored within the food pouch will be upgraded from 10 to 20 and will provide you great help in various places all around manic.


Ice Strykewyrms

The icy katana has been added into the drop table of the Ice Strykewyrms.

The icy katana has a chance to trigger the build in criticial hits which will give you a guaranteed hit of 300.


Desert Strykewyrms

The flying carpet has been added as a very rare drop into the drop table of the Desert Strykewyrms and will provide you with a new way to travel all around manic in style.



The 420 axe has been added into the droptable of Bork.

This axe comes with 420 attack bonusses as well as 420 str bonus and has a special attack bar which will use 100% special attack and gives you a guaranteed hit of 420.


The Grim Reaper

Newly added is the pet mini grim reaper.

The mini Grim Reaper pet will be the current best damage dealing pet in game as well as providing you a 15% chance to heal to full hp whenever your health falls below 25.


Giant sea snake

The serpent's luck can now be obtained as a drop from the giant Sea Snake.

Reading the serpent's luck will permanently increase your drop rate.


Prince of Darkness

The spellcaster's elixer can now be obtained from the Prince of Darkness.

drinking the spellcaster's elixer will permanently increase your magicial damage by 5%


Giant mole

the hardened scroll can now be obtained from the Giant Mole.

Reading the hardened scroll will permanently increase your defence by 10%.



The scroll of incineration can now be obtained from Fareed.

The scroll of incineration will randomly generate flames around your opponent in P.V.M. content.


Zombie King

The scroll of the undead can now be obtained from the Zombie King.

The scroll of the undead will randomly offer you 30 seconds of Godmode in P.V.M. content.


Jungle Demon

The jungle frenzy can now be obtained from the Jungle demon.

The jungle frenzy will randomly boost your attack speed whenever you are in P.V.M. combat.


Penance Queen

The akrisae set that can be obtained as a drop from the Penance Queen has been upgraded and is now comparable to an esoteric staff.


Mutant Tarn

The mutant's crossbow has been recolored for aesthetic purposes and the stats have been revamped to make it comparable with the blessed crossbow.


Nine textured boxing gloves have been added into the drop table of Harambe.


Slash Bash

The anger upgrade kit has been added into the drop table of Slash Bash

using a anger upgrade kit on a anger weapon will turn it into a fury weapon and increases it attack speed as well as providing it with a chance to burn your P.V.M. opponent.



Other News:


- The collector's necklace will now pick up all rare drops from the floor.
- The banking of rare drops with the collector's necklace has been fixed
- Summoning monsters will now continue attacking when your opponent is low on hp.
- Summoning monsters will now correctly respawn when teleporting out of combat.
- Fixed the banking of custom items when you die within the wilderness.

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