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Updates of 03/16/2019 - Daily Money Making, Polling system & More.

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Manic RSPS


Hey Maniacs, we've got another update filled with great new content for you.


Daily Money Makers Expansion



1. Thieving Madness


Thieving madness can be accesed by obtaining a stolen invitation that can be stolen from any thieving stall found at home.

The stolen invitation will give you acces to the Rogue's Den via the daily money making teleport where you can steal the thiefs for a chance of obtaining 3 types of casket.

Each casket will have their own special rewards that can be obtained with the Ring of Coins being the most rare item available.


2. Reward token mania


Financial advisers can now be killed for a chance to obtain a daily reward token.

The financial advisers can be accesed via the daily money maker teleport and have a chance of dropping a daily reward token which will offer you daily rewards for each day of the week.

Each token lasts for 1 week, and need to be re obtained when they've ran out of charges.



3. Holiday Havoc

The Wise Old man has taken his retirement to the camelot party room feasting on all the rares that he obtained within his long career.

Now is your chance to get your hands on some of those rares.

Every day a select amount of wise old man and his counterpart the foolish old man can be killed for a chance to obtain one of the new textured party hats, santa hats or even the sled.

This daily activity can be accesed via the money teleport.



4. Voting Mayhem

Party balloons have been let lose in scaperun, pop them for a chance to obtain the brand new mayhem mystery box.

The party balloons can be accesed after a payment of 4 votes via the money teleport.

Voting mayhem may be accesed twice a day and give you a chance to obtain the new party balloon pet that gives you a chance to double the amount of votes you obtain from claiming an auth code.




Poll system

The polling interface has been added in the game to give the players a chance to voice their opinion on possible new changes to Manic.
The polling interface can be opened by doing ::poll.




Other News.

*Miscreations of ice are no longer immune to the esoteric staff.
*Sacrificial staff x has been made untradeable.
*Magma korasi and Magma korasi offhand have been made untradeable.
*Female characters are now working.
*Referral system has been implented in the game.





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This update looks mint so keen to get ingame an have a look at the new content, love how far this server has come

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