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Updates of 04/02/2019 - QoL, New Achievement System, & TetsuX Dungeon

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Hello Everyone At Manic!

We are proud to introduce to you a brand new content pack filled update. Now this update focus's on making the game more user-friendly by introducing the new achievement system! Simply type ::ach if you are new, follow the achievements, or these achievements can also be accessed via the quest tab. More achievement's to be added very soon!

In other news...


- operate full dark angel set for pet ADDED
- daily tokens fixed
- dark realm minigame fixed
- rogue dungeon fixed
- sacri-x banned from wild fixed
- pathing issues fixed

And finally...

The TetsuX Dungeon & TetsuX Donator Rank Expansion

Check the Donation store https://www.playmanic.net/store if you are interested

There is a brand new piece of donator content that has been added. It's been a very long while since we've released content for those players who contribute alot to Maanic's Constant Uptime, Updates, & Upkeep. Introducing, the ALL NEW TetsuX Donator Rank & TetsuX Donator Zone. Acessible by ::tetsu, this zone introduces an all new powerful armour set that has much reason to obtain.

The donator symbol:


The TetsuX Zone:


The Bosses Drop Table:


The armour set:


Set abilities:
- 4 spec's of using incinerating flame damage to overwhelm your opponent with fire
- Attack speed of set will gain momentum in battle as the fight goes on thus offering a slight increase in attack SPEED
- overall very strong armour set that can take on the rest!

We thank you for taking the time to read our update. Stay tuned for the latest updates via discord & also via the forums. Hope to see you apart of the new content and updates to come!

All the best,
The Manic Team

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When this update will be alive on server? Can't wait to go and look  this dung somehow and make achievs 🙂

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