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ManicPs Newspaper 5/5

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Posted (edited)


The second edition of the ManicPS newspaper is here, yet again filled with the latest information and updates to keep you up to date of what's going on within the Manic community. The Manic newspaper is a bi-weekly occurrence that will be made weekly upon demand.

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy it yet again.



There have been quite a few staff updates since the last newspaper went live.

The following changes have been made:


yRf7bsn.pngNews Team


 Mirage has been made the new News Team manager, Mirage has been a huge part of the News Team already and we expect plenty more insane content from him to come.


Hoeninja has been known for his great activity in game. you'll also find him as one of the News Team reporters now, we expect to see great things from him.


Jen2673 has been promoted to News Team reported


yRf7bsn.pngNews Team Demotions


Sadly, Typhoon has decided to step away from the news team, we like to thank him for all of the great work.


In game promotions

Spec N Death (Swift) iIrI8Rr.pngSupport

This fellow PvM'r and active member of Manic, after hundreds of boss's kills and hundreds of hours helping, got his Helper shot. let's hope he does the best of it! Good luck!






We as News Team would like to welcome back @John Rambo (Yuumi) to Manic



Will we be getting a new, insane, armour set soon?

b2ba7cb6201da5f1ddf68d31b0c4902f GIF


For this Newspaper we had the honor of interviewing our much loved engBW2L.pngCo-Owner Mr. Earthquake himself

How did you become a Co-owner on Manic?

First day joining ManicPS i was promoted to Co-owner, i showed my passion and drive for a rsps to Justin (Avalanche). Showing him a few avenues we can take to get us to the top.

What drives you to do your best every single day?

Well, the players are the main drive for me. I appreciate waking up every morning to see a game played by hundreds of different people, that's my motivation & my drive. Knowing that by the content my team is pushing out is bringing satisfaction to people all around the world. I have a goal and a dream to push ManicPS to the next realm, it is definitely possible with the bright individuals around me in my team.

If there was one item you could add into Manic right now, what would that be?

It would be a item that you can operate while in battle, then it will wake Justin up so we can get on with business 🙂

What's your favorite Manic moment so far?

My favorite moment on Manic was when the Viserion Dungeon was added for the very first time as a new way for F2P players to get to the top without donating, upon adding it, it was the most populated place on Manic (Home was literally empty for 2 weeks) because every single player was at the dungeon trying to get the first Viserion drop. 

What are your thought on the Manic community?

This is actually a very good question, the reality of things are that i enjoy this community far greater than any other community out there, the people are incredibly close to one another, we are a family and its amazing to see the friendships being made from all the people around the world. If it wasn't for the community and the people i talk to on the daily then my job as a Co-Owner would be difficult. So props out to you guys .

Is there anything you'd like to add or let everyone know?

Well, things are going to change for Manic in a positive way and manner. We are taking huge steps to take Manic to the next level, so stay tuned for a new revelation and the game changers of the RSPS scene.


The second guest for the This or that section is our much beloved OnJ1cit.pngCommunity Manager @Cyclone!  If you want to see someone answering on This or That section, feel free to suggest any names to the comment section.

Iphone or Samsung?


Movies or TV Shows?

Tv Shows

Osrs or Rs3?


Pringles or Lays?


Forums or Discord?

Discord all the way!

Game of Thrones or Breaking bad?

Neither, not a fan of them.

Marvel or Dc?

I don't watch either of them

Riches or Happiness?

Happiness,  in life we got to be happy and content with ourselves



layer of the week is a bi-weekly contest where the most active and professional players get their spotlight. This will be based on the Community input as well as the input of the News Team members.

Most active on forums: @Mirage
Most active on discord: @John Rambo (Yuumi)
Most active ingame: @Blunderbore
Most kind: @Earthquake
Best staff:  @Anarchy
Most respected non-staff: @madman1555
We as News Team like to thank everyone for their dedication to Manic.


This weeks Picture of the Week is a special one, a banner made by one of our own players @Papi C


We, as News Team, Would like to give a special shout out to Papi C for this beautiful piece of work

honorable mention



When you're playing Manic, What is the best place to simply relax and chill?


Whoever is the first one to figure out the correct answer for the riddle of the week, will win 100b pure cash! Please leave a comment in the thread with your answer, and if you got the correct answer, @logitec or @Mirage will Private message you in-game or on discord!

What travels fast but has no vehicle?


Managing - @logitec, @Mirage

Grammar Editor - @logitec

Chief Editor - @inocentes

Headers - @Mirage

Reporters - @inocentes@Cyclone@HoeNinja, @jen2673

Editors - @inocentes@HoeNinja, @jen2673

Edited by Anarchy

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Posted (edited)

Awesome newspaper brothers! And thanks for the lovely welcome, glad to be around again! 🙂 And my answer to the riddle is Light.


Edited by John Rambo

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