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Forum/Game Activity Event



Main goal: properly boost forums activity, in-game activity overall, and give a sense to hard grind.



Q: When will it start? When it'll end?

A: The event will begin 10th May, so next Monday. Will long for a full month.


Q: Can staff participate too?

A: Yes, indeed. Even Justin can, if he feels to.

Q: How will it work?

A: So, the system that will be used , is point based system. How so? 
Every forum activity or in-game specific boss kill, will count as points so:

Forum post - 3 points

Forum topic (creation)- 5 points

In-game :

                SlashBash - 2 points

               The Owner - 2 points

               Rammernaut - 1 points

               Glod - 1 points


   ATENTION: Any type of sabotage or fake information, will be hard punished by getting instantly disqualified. Any spam posts/threads will not be taken in consideration. The screenshoots of npc kills that get photoshoped, will be punished. Remember, we can check your files to see if it is legit.


Q: Any requirements to enter?

A: Yes. If you pretend to enter, you have to comment on this topic with your IN-game name, and if you thinking on doing PvM wise, attach an actual screenshot of your npc killcounts at the moment (kill one of the ones you intending to "camp", and take screen of your killcount), and post it here too.


You all may be wondering, any rewards? Of course there is!!!



1st - 500 votes , 10 magmas 5 scratch cards 100b cash

2nd - Super donor, 5 magma boxes, 3 scratch cards, 100b cash

3rd - Super donor, 5 magma boxes, 1 scratch cards, 100b cash



So what you guys think? Not bad at all fight? But since there's only 3 winners, and hope fore multiple participants, 10th June I'll be hosting a drop party to whole Manic community!!!


Hope to see you all there!


Best of luck to all, let the games begin!🔥

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5 minutes ago, Guest irontail said:

can irons join?


For main prizes, yes, we will put the prizes in your bank, but drop party, you won't be able to catch things form ground.

OT: edit your post if you want to participate!

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Good Luck to everyone!!! Sounds like its going to be a really fun event. Hope to see more forums activity for sure!!! :)

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