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AP TrickZz

AP TrickZz Staff Application

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In-game name: AP TrickZz

What is your timezone: (UTC-5

How long have you been playing ManicPS: April 6th 2019

How many hours do you play a day: roughly 4 - 5 hours a day

Have you ever been muted/banned: No

Do you have any staff experience: yes on creativescape as moderator

Do you have discord: yes

Do you have a working microphone: yes

What languages do you speak: English

Why should we accept you: I should be accepted into the staff positions because im an good communicator and a helpful all round player. I spend a lot of time online doing everything I can to support people and give my feedback on the current status of manicps also manic has been like a second family to me everyone is so polite and well spoken would like to join in building the server to its full potential with all the experience I have.

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