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How to help the server grow.

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To everyone especially staff members!! 

The only requirements needed are a VPN , some patience and a love for the server!

First Method: Tell your friends! talk about Manic  to those that you know may have an interest in runescape, or specifically target people that used to play OsRs yet do not have the time required to grind 40 hours a week to become a billionaire! 

Second method:
Step one- Create 10 new email addresses , i personally use GMX as it is very easy to start a new email account, no mobile numbers required ect

step two- use those email addresses to create 10 new OsRs or even Rs3 accounts. be sure to change your ip adress using your vpn each time to avoid an IP ban in the long term}(Use on manic servers will be banned everytime!)

step three- pick your time right! JAGEX operate normal buissiness hours (GMT) although they do have american staff you are more likely to not get a ban 9am-7pm GMT monday to friday than "after hours" or at the weekend (when the servers are at their fullest!)

step four- Download GarysHood RS client (an auto typer and clicker, for those unaware)  select the auto typer, and copy and paste this message- PLAYMANIC  DOT NET FREE PRIVATE SERVER- WHERE THE RICH GET RICHER!

Step five- Change your ip adress again using VPN, log in and take the account to either the G.E or lumby fountain on busiest worlds, and press F12, the account will now advertise our beautiful server to the whole world!

Third Method:

Create a reddit account

add U/ManicPs

upvote every comment from the accounts comments history. 

Fourth Method:
Like the facebook page, invite friends, share posts

Fifth method:
Set alarms on your phone and vote twice a day (if your schedule allows)

did you know that you can vote on multiple accounts?! all you have to do is use your vpn the change your location before you vote on each account ! free vpns are available as plugins for chrome, but i reccomend Cyberghost as the best, cheapest and most reliable premium VPN service.

there you have it guys, five ways that we could all help this server grow. if every single one of us chose to do even one thing on this list once a day, consistently, our precious sever will expand.


Love each an everyone of you!!

Best regards,


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