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Massive PVM Event for TetUX Donation rank!

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PVM Massive event for TetsuX!

Dear players of manic! Come join us for this glorious show on the battlefield! One player to succeed above all others who dare stand in their way of this great victory! Come be the PVM Champion an claim the prize rightfully deserved for your hard efforts! 


Hero of manic, you are tasked with killing 25,000 Kalphite Queens! A task to the true champion of PVM maddness!! Bring your A game to the battlefield an get your kill counts up!! May the reigning champ rightfully claim his prize! An title of PVM ultimate champion! This shall change your whole gaming experience as for the winner to take the grand prize!! Now get out there an fight for your spot among the PVM Leader Boards!



Q. 25,000 seems like so much though...?

A. Yes it would appear that way, but there is no time limit to get this done, just be the first to get 25k. however long it may take. Also the reward is a $350 donation, game changing rank so.. yeah, earn that!! 

Q. No time limit?

A. No time limit just be first to 25k kills, but also don't fall behind!

Q. Are there more kalphites?

A. No just the teleport as well as instance



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1st place gets- The best op donation rank TetsuX($350 rank!)

2nd place gets- Divine donor rank(rank below tetsux) an 10 Scratch cards

3rd place gets- 15 Scratch cards.


There is a lot of that is to many kills.. but in all reality your not being rushed to do this, there is no time limit on this event, first one that gets there wins no matter what. So no it really is not. All you have to do is if you don't know what to do, GO ADD KILLS TO BOOST YOUR KILL COUNT! Its pretty simple. An i know people with over 11,000 TetsuX monster kills so... get your 25k done. This event is for a $350 rank that will not only change your current gaming but, will also take your updated gaming to an whole new level then right now! So yes, i'm sorry that you have to actually put effort into something.. This is an event, THAT IS ITS PURPOSE! This kind of event for such an item is not an everyday thing.. This is a very rare event with huge win factor! So please.. just do some killing an actually earn something that will benefit you in more ways then one. Thank you an good luck to everyone participating!! Now get out there an kill, kill, KILLL!!! :D


Also current kill counts are not valid. Only the kill counts kept in party pete's leader boards will be counted so screen shots of anything other then party pete's leader boards will not count! An everyone can see your legit kill counts from party pete's leader boards he is located in the home bank! good luck everyone! :)

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