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kush kloudz

Donor rank benefits

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There are 4 donor ranks in manic regular, super, legendary, and dicer. I will be showing what comes with each rank in this guide.

There is 5 donor zones that can be accessed through portal inside bank at ::home or by typing ::dzone.

Each rank unlocks all zones up to that rank, and theres also a zone for all donors that has a lot of useful monsters and bosses.

Below I will be showing what each zone looks like and what you will find in each zone. 

I will also show what each donor box gives you.

Donor Zones:








Donor Box Rewards:




The new Divine Donator comes with a purple chat icon for all types of chat.

Divine Donators have access to all the donator zones and can roll dices as well! So a "Dicer rank" is included in the Divine Donator rank.

Personal Ballershop:

Have you been having issues with purchasing the items you want from the ballershop because it's always out of stock? Worry not! Personal ballershops are here!

The personal Ballershop is much like the regular Ballershop, you buy baller items for baller tickets and it has a limited stock... But this stock is personal, meaning other peoples purchases do not affect your personal stock.

Your personal ballershop restocks the same way as the regular ballershop , it's manually controlled and restocks happen from time to time.
And yes, your personal ballershop can also be filled up with items from ballershop 2, but just like the restocks this happens only from time to time.

The personal ballershop is only for Divine Donator ranked players!

The personal ballershop has a lower stock than the regular one, this is because only you can purchase these items shown! So even if the regular ballershop is completely sold out, you will still have your personal stock to purchase whatever you desire.

If you're a Divine Donator you can open your personal ballershop by typing ::pobshop


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