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ManicPS Command List

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Command List


All Commands can be executed in game with typing :: first


  • Guides - Brings you to the guide forum section.
  • Players - Shows you who is currently online.
  • Staff - Shows you which staff is currently online.
  • Benefits - Shows you the benefits for each donor rank.
  • Changepassword - Changes your password.
  • Killstreak - Checks your kill streak.
  • KDR - Checks your K/D Ratio.
  • Forums - Brings you to the forums.
  • Vote - Brings you to the vote sites.
  • Dropguide - Brings you to the drop guide on the forums.
  • Priceguide - Brings you to the price guide.
  • Latestupdates - Brings you to the latest update thread on the forums.
  • HP - Alternates between old and new hp bars.
  • 10xhits - Alternates between old and new hits.
  • Stuck - Teleports your character home if you cannot already.
  • Home - Teleports your character home.
  • Train - Opens training tab
  • Dobank - Opens a bank only if your at home.
  • Chill - Teleports you to chillzone
  • Shop - Setup your player owned shop
  • CCCC - Changes clan chat color on resized/fullscreen
  • CCSC - Changed scheme on resized/fullscreen
  • Togglehp - Alternates between percentages and hp bars.
  • Lottery - Enters lottery for 10m fee

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