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Gambling Guide

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Dicing and Flower games are a part of the game but it is done at your own risk! 

Just like PKing or Staking this is done at your own risk

Please do not bet what you are not willing to loose

To begin type ::gamble and find a partner!



- The Dice Host rolls the die.
- If the number rolled is 55 or greater, the dice host LOSES the gamble, and the pot goes to the Client.
- If the number rolled is lower than 55, the Dice Host WINS the gamble, and the pot goes to the Host.






Dice Dueling is also a well known gambling method, and it involves two players dicing against each other, instead of only 1 person throwing the die.

Once again, the rules are very simple;

- Both players rolls the dice at the same time.
- Whoever rolls the highest number gets one point.

Here is an example;
Player A rolls 58.
Player B rolls 26.

Player A wins a point, making the score 1-0 in Player A's favor.
Once one of the players has THREE points, they win the gamble.

If both players roll the same number, it is a 






Flower Poker is a very popular gambling method. It is similar to the ways of actual Poker, where each player must have a better "hand" than the other to win the pot. 
 It involves betting on what colour flowers will emerge from mithril seeds planted by the hosts.

5 flowers are planted, and the player with the best pair wins the pot.
If both players end up with the same hand, you 

Beneath are the different types of hands from worst to best;



( Bust > 1P > 2P > 3P > FH > 4OAK > 5OAK )

Oak means - Of A Kind 

Ex: 3 Oak could be 3 red flowers out of the 5 planted



1. The objective of this game is to get closest to 100 with out going over

2. The dice host will roll for the player

3. After the dice host rolls, the player must declare "hit" or "stay"

4. If the player's sum of roll numbers surpasses 100, the player busts and the dice host automatically wins. 

5. Once a player declares "stay", it is the dice host's turn to roll.

6. If the dice host rolls to a sum higher than that of the player, and under a sum of 100, the dice host wins

7. If the dice host rolls a sum higher than 100, the player automatically wins



Other fun games:



After the bet is placed you can pick either hot or cold, if you choose the correct planted flower you win!

Hot Flowers:
Cold Flowers:
Host Wins:


Frosty Flowers

Like Hot and Cold, Frosty Flowers also runs off the concept of Hot/Cold flowers, but unlike Hot/Cold you do not call your flowers. Once you've placed your bet, the host will plant the seed and if it's a cold flower, you win. Hint the name "Frosty Flower."

Frosty Flowers
Not-so Frosty Flowers

ABC Flowers

Like Flower Poker, ABC isn't based on the direct color of the flowers, but the name. Each flower has a specific name assigned to it and you want to get the flower's name closest to A.

Flowers and Letters
Flowers go from best to worse.





















Good luck to all :)




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