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Wilderness Handbook

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The wilderness is a dangerous place for some people but following this guide we can change that!

The wilderness has many features in it that provide many wonderful benefits such as;

- ::revs - This will bring you to revenants which will drop statutes and pvp armour, statutes will provide pkp which can be used to buy awesome mid tier gear at the pk shop at home!

- ::pho and ::glod - both deep wildy but will provide the most expensive pieces to the legendary wolf set which is a very nice place to start your mid tier grind

Enough about PVM, the wilderness is about the excitement of risk = reward but what rewards can you get for risking

There are many things you can get from PKing on manic but to get access to the best parts of PKing you will need a Badge of the Wilderness


250 pkp btw^ so get pking

A Badge of the Wilderness will provide you with the ability to obtain: The Wilderness Key, EP, Target loot


shoutout to chink

A Badge of the Wilderness while in the wilderness will increase your EP by 10% every 5 minutes or 25% per 5 minutes in a hotspot zone, when you reach 100% EP you have a roll on the EP drop table which has items that range up to 75b and even some items never seen to manic before.

You may obtain a wilderness badge from the pk store or you can get them from ::pho, ::glod, and the dragon revenant at ::Revs

The Wilderness Key: The deeper in the wilderness you go the higher chance you have at receiving the Wilderness Key with a maximum potential of 30% at level 55 wild. The Key will guarantee you a drop on the EP/Target table as well as 15-30 Billion solid cash!


In edgeville bank

Target loot: upon entering the wilderness and if there is another player anywhere in the wild you two will be assigned to each other as targets, if you kill your target while holding the Wilderness Badge you will receive a reward from the target drop table




Some notable locations to PK include:

- Edgeville - you will find the wildy key chest here as well as gain x3 pkp!


- ::3xpk - almost anything is allowed here

- ::funpk to practice

Demonic Gorillas & Demonic Chest

The Demonic Gorillas - will drop the heavy and light ballista parts, these items are allowed in PVP and are quite OP! The drop rates are  around 1/250 for the regular pieces and the light frame are 1/200 while the heavy frame will be 1/300. These gorillas also drop an amulet of vengeance.

The Demonic Chest - The Skilling money maker we all needed! The Demonic chest is the best money maker in game or at least on par with the current best. With such great reward there must be a risk to it which is why you must carry a badge of the wilderness while thieving this chest in a hotspot zone deep wildy. 


You will be instantly skulled when taking the treasures and upon receiving a RARE loot from the chest you will be infinitely teleblocked until you exit the wild. The whole server will know exactly what you got! There is a chance at getting the full darkness set as well as the whip of destruction from this chest which are on the very rare loot table.

The common loots are split up on 3 drop tables with the most expensive common items being 1/15 and the mid tier at 1/10 but you will always receive the cheaper items such as the gems and the runes



::inwild will tell you how many players are currently risking their lives to you ;) 


random target loot, free pkp!


Any questions feel free to pm me, if you want to host pking events or want there to be one I am more than willing to organize that!

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Honestly I feel as if this server is a pvm server as of now, so doing updates to get players to try pvp out is a great idea. Loving the idea of rewarding players for there participation in the pvp side of Manic. Keep em coming Justin!

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