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Updates of 10/11/2018 - Wilderness Boss, New Items, & More!

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Hello Manic,

Progress has been made today with a release of some server fixes/improvements along with a brand new wilderness boss the Ancient Revenant Knight.


About the Wilderness Boss:

- spawns every hour in wild

- custom items are banned on this boss

- armours up to nex and weapons up to drygore may be used at this boss

- boss drops ghostly torva which has a powerful magic while in wild

- the ghostly torva negates damage to '0' 30% of the time of being in PvM Combat of the wilderness & also offers a stackable drop rarity modifier same as a super ring of wealth


Bosses Drop Table:



Ghostly Torva Wield:



In Other News:

- drop rate added to both cold emperor and magma emperor

- destructive torva now get's its hp boost

- teh justin boss is now dropping 14k torva and dbz torva

- skeletal warlord at the dicer zone now has corp beasts instead

- donor shop 2 was re-done

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More Updates!


The Frenzy Whip:

- Located in annihilation store

- Costs 750k annihilation points



Celestial Martian:

- Located in annihilation store

- Costs 300k per piece


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