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Updates of 10/20/2018 - Miscreation's of Ice & The Offhand Minigame

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.::Manic Updates::.

Weekly updates have arrived and the content only gets better. For this week's update we have 2 Epic Releases packed into one update.

The first update is the Offhand Minigame. It is a unique and exciting minigame created by the staff team and me. Let's get further into this!

Update 1: The Offhand Minigame

The Offhand Minigame is a good way to obtain an offhand without doing raids or the sacrificial minigame. We have 4 new offhand's as possible rewards for progressing within the dungeons of the Offhand Chest. How to start playing this you may ask, I'll get into the details now.

The Rewards!


The Sapphire Offhand: This is definitely an item you want to obtain. The Sapphire offhand when operated will double your attack speed for 45 seconds. But in order to get the Sapphire Offhand you need to obtain the other offhands first.

How do I start?

Click play on the Offhand Minigame Coordinator at home.


He will teleport you into a dungeon where you must kill the monsters within the dungeon to obtain a Teleportation Crystal.

The Crystal drops 1 in 250


Once you kill a boss and obtain the crystal, click on the teleport option to enter phase 2 of the minigame.


After clicking the teleport crystal you'll enter phase 2, the final phase of the dungeon.


This part is simple. Kill the monsters to obtain 100 Offhand tokens per kill. Now, take a look at the below picture.


Use the offhand tokens you receive from killing the NPCs to roll for a chance at an offhand.

Remember, you must have the previous offhand in your bank, inventory, or your shield equip slot.

So your saying I need the previous offhand to obtain the next?

Stone offhand requires no Previous Offhand, An Emerald offhand roll requires you to own a stone offhand.

An Amethyst offhand roll requires an owned Emerald offhand.

The Sapphire offhand requires an owned Amethyst Offhand.

Curious as to what the rates are when rolling for an offhand?

Stone Offhand - 1 in 25 chance at obtaining from a roll

Emerald Offhand - 1 in 35 chance at obtaining from a roll

Amethyst Offhand - 1 in 45 chance at obtaining from a roll

Sapphire Offhand - 1 in 55 chance at obtaining from a roll

If you don't win the rolls, you still win gold!

My personal perspective on the Sapphire Offhand

With the ability to operate it and double your attack speed for 45 seconds, it's just an offhand that can't be beat. The damage output

is so devastating when the Sapphire Offhand's is operated then initiated it becomes a deadly opponent towards higher tier offhands.

Stats of Offhands

Stone Offhand


Emerald Offhand


Amethyst Offhand


Sapphire Offhand


That's it for the first update.


Update 2: Miscreation's of Ice - New Bossing Lair

We are bringing a new boss to manic! Access it quickly by typing ::moi or simple access it from the boss teleports.


The Bosses Drop 4 total NEW armour sets!!

Armour Set 1: Lime Sentinel Armour

Effects: Void Range Effect | Range Attack Bonus | Tanky armour set overall | Decent Strength Bonus


Armour Set 2: Warden Armour

Effects: Void Melee Effect | Melee Attack Bonuses | Tanky armour set overall | Decent Strength Bonus


Armour Set 3: Codeine King Armour

Effects: Void Magic Effect | Magic Attack Bonus | Tanky armour set overall | Decent Strength Bonus


Armour Set 4: Sun God Armour

Effects: Void Magic, Melee, & Range Boost + 139 max HP when armour is worn, very tanky armour set, decent strength bonus


Bosses Drop Rates


That is it for now, thanks for reading!

Brought to you by:

The Manic Team & Mother Goose

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