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Updates of 10/26/2018 - Slayer Revamp & New Boss Drops

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.::Manic Updates::.

The time has come again. What you have all been waiting for has arrived. Not 1. Not 2. Not 3. Not even 4... but Seven updates this week. Seven complete, in-depth updates have been developed for release on this day by me, the staff, & the development team. Let's jump right in to it.

Update 1: MASSIVE Slayer Revamp

It's been a long time coming since slayer has needed an update. We went a little overboard with the slayer update, hopefully this overdoing will offer great content and fun to be had for you guys. What exactly has been updated with Slayer?

more boss tasks ~ done

duo slayer for iron men ~ done

more duo slayer tasks ~ done

Tasks added

The tasks that we have added to both normal slayer tasks and duo slayer tasks are the following:

tormented demon, ice mountain demon, moles, fareed, zombie king, black knight titan, jungle demon, tree spirit,
& the penance queen

The Duo Slayer Chest?

A duo what chest? The duo slayer chest. Complete slayer tasks with a team member to activate Duo Slayer Chest drops which contains a majority of the slayer store while also introducing 3 New Rings!

Inventory view of the Chest


Duo Slayer Rings

Different tiers of recoil damage for each ring

Stats of the rings comparable to fighter's ring of wealth

Rings are extremely rare rewards from Duo Slayer Chests

Ring of Corruption - 10% recoil damage


Ring of Vendetta - 15% recoil damage


Ring of Betrayal - 25% recoil damage


A new Slayer Set

The Slayer store seemed barren and in need of an epic new goal to aim for. Look no further if you are in search of a slayer reward worth aiming for. The new Slayer set offers 15-25% damage boost on both normal and duo slayer tasks. This set costs 3000 slayer points and is the best choice to spend your points on. If you don't have enough to buy it now, it's advised you save up.


Simply purchase the purple & blue box to obtain the entire set.

The Slayer Set Looks



Update 2: The Owner Boss Revamp

An additional Armour set with a unique bleed effect has been added to the drop tables of the boss ::to (The Owner). The Armour set is called Tiger and drops 1 in 650 per equipment piece. The bleed out effect  occurs at a 1 in 15 chance and for 1 minute the enemy will bleed out (a faster version of venom).


Update 3: The Inadequacy Revamp

The Inadequacy now has a purpose on Manic. It drops a variety of different color capes with stats comparable to Wyvern Wings. Access this boss at ::theinad for quick teleportation. The boss will reward a roll at a pair of wings every 500 damage dealt upon it. Wings are 1 in 625 chance to get.



Stats of All Wings from ::theinad are the same


Update 4: A wilderness update

Dragonchaos drops 1 in 2k from red dragons.

Update 5: The Big Bone Shop

Introducing a new way of obtaining torva or better equipment by only collecting big bones?! Yes! You can now collect big bones and note them to turn them into a currency. They can then be spent at this shop located below.




The Big Bone Shop is perfect for new players aiming at armour just like torva. If you are new and looking for some good armour, buy the purple scroll first using noted big bones. Keep the scroll in your inventory and it will automatically pickup + note big bones. Once you have enough big bones collected using the scroll, buy the 3rd-age Bone set. If you are feeling brave, save up your points for one of the Dragonbone sets.

Update 6: Five Powerful & Rare New Boss Drops

Five new items obtained from bossing can be earned through dedication & Persistence, they are quite POWERFUL.

Vampyre's Aurora - 65% as strong as soulsplit, does not work when soul split is active, can be used at all banned soul-split areas

Champion's Curse - 50% chance at dealing 7% extra damage while 50% chance at receiving 10% extra damage

Poison thy Enemy - quick poisoning of opponent for 30 seconds every 2mins

Tank God - 50% chance at reducing damage from NPCs by 5%, stacks with juggernaut perk

The Food Pouch - stores up to 10 food

Where do I get these Heavenly Items?

1) Vampyre's Aurora is dropped by Chaos Elemental located at ::ce

2) Champion's Curse is dropped by the Corporeal Beast located at ::corp

3) Poison thy Enemy is dropped by Jungle Strykewyrm located @ Boss teleports

4) Tank God is dropped by the Giant Ice Mountain Demon located at ::imd

5) The food pouch is dropped by barrelchest located at ::barrel

What do these items look like?


How exactly does this work?

The colored scrolls above can be wielded into your arrow slot. Once wielded, the effects activate!

Update 7: Placeholders

Just like OSRS, we got their placeholders :D

That is it for now, thanks for reading!

Brought to you by:

The Manic Team & Mother Goose

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