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Momentum PVM // Manic's #1 PVM Clan

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Welcome to the official recruitment thread of Momentum PVM!


The requirements are simple:

- Must be active on our discord: https://discord.gg/pX8t59D

- Must partake in scheduled raids/events (if available)

- Must not have any outstanding infractions on your account or past accounts

- Must be respectable towards the community. You as a member of MPVM must set a good example to others

- Must at least have combat stats 99. (this does not include summoning)


Apply for Momentum!:


Discord Username (if different than IGN):

Average Time Online:

Why do you want to join MPVM:

What can you offer upon joining MPVM:


Thank you in advance to anyone interested! I will check this thread periodically for new applicants.



Founder - Ninebang



Official clan logo, can be used for signatures!

With Background:


Without Background:


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